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The Fuego vape pen is an all-in-one dose pen filled with live resin sauce. The sauce is a small batch full-spectrum distillate from premium craft cannabis. This premium cannabis is grown by experienced, licensed California cultivators. I believe the Fuego vape pen is fairly new. They are manufactured by Elite Molecular Inc. and I only find them available through Eaze. I believe they are only available in California.


  • Excellent live-resin
  • Tastes complex like a fresh bud
  • Super nice high
  • Discreet design


  • Small tank on the pen

Recommendations: I say a .5 gram tank would be perfect

Licensing Information:

See below our video review on the Fuego vape pen. Continue reading to see our more in-depth written review.


The Fuego vape pen is really great overall

fuego vape pens
Fuego’s packaging is simple and bold

The pen is compact and it feels very substantial. The distillate is delicious and has a sweet floral aroma. This pen vapes smooth and decent sized clouds. Black letters spell “Fuego” along the length of the battery, for a discreet design.

The design doesn’t push any boundaries but it is very nice to hold

fuego vape pens
The pen design is sleek and easy to take big rips out of.

The pen seems mostly plastic but the battery is pleasantly heavy and feels really smooth to the touch. The Fuego vape pen feels like it’s made of marshmallow. The mouthpiece is about half the size of the tank and has the same soft feel as the battery. Fuego vape pens have a bright indicator light underneath that is visible in daylight.

The pen heats very evenly and doesn’t suffer from overheating

Fuego vape pens have a thick cover over their batteries. I thought the cover would make it overheat easier, but the pen never feels hot. The pen stays cool even if I take repeated hits. The vape is never too hot or harsh and the flavor comes.  through really well.

These pens have a very small tank which finishes quickly

I don’t like .25 gram tanks of any dose pens and Fuego is no exception. I smoke pretty heavily and I can empty a Fuego vape pen in about a day. It doesn’t help that the delicious live resin in Fuego vape pens makes it difficult to slow down. The pen is perfect in a pinch, but the size of the tank limits the pen in some situations.

The best part is the Fuego vape pen has amazing sauce quality

fuego vape pen
The sauce is amber in color and is terped really well

The distillate is a nice and clear golden brown color with excellent consistency. It isn’t as golden as some, but Fuego vape pen sauce is more well rounded. It’s less runny and has a more natural taste to it. The sauce in Fuego vape pens doesn’t leave a chemical taste on the tongue like some distillates.

The live-resin has exceptional flavor and tastes like flower

When I take a dose of my Fuego pen I taste flower. Fuego fills their pens with a full-spectrum sauce. Their high-end distillation process separates a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes, giving the final product a wonderfully complex flavor. The fruity citrus and floral flavor remind me of a really good sun-grown Forbidden Fruit.

Fuego vapes have a very good high despite a relatively low potency

fuego vape pens

I didn’t expect my pen to give me an overwhelming high since it tested at 65% THC and I was right. Feugo vape pen is not overwhelming but it is very potent. The high lasted about one and a half hours and it’s a nice even high. It’s physically and mentally relaxing, helping me coast through everything. If you want to try something similar with slightly more kick, Friendly Farms is a good choice.

Fuego pens are not expensive and they are an ok value

Fuego is less expensive despite having a similar sized tank as other pens. However the price to puffs ratio is more or less like DomPens but at a slightly cheaper price. Value is an issue for someone like me who can finish the pen in a day. And I think if I buy two Fuego pens at a time I’ll just smoke both the same day.

They have better value if you use them like a portable joint

fuego vape pens
They are very portable pens that last longer than most disposables

Fuego vape pens are perfect for irregular use. They are discreet and good to use on a busy weekend or a nice hike. They are compact enough to take to a wedding unnoticed. Fuego vape pens are joints but without the hassle of lighting and diminishing taste.

Longer hits mean bigger doses and fewer puffs

The packaging for Fuego vape pens suggests a 2-second pull is a dose. For me, that pull is too small and I take 4 second pulls. These pens are not for anyone that wants big puffy clouds, but I still get good-sized hits. I only have to take 2 nice hits and the high slowly sets in.

I would definitely buy Fuego again

The pen is disposable and plastic with a small tank. But the live-resin is worth the experience. The sauce in Fuego vape pens vapes smooth but it’s a fairly small amount. For 25$ Fuego pens offer premium live-resin with delicious taste. I am not going to buy these pens every day, but I will get them regularly for a quick sauce fix.

Concluding my review of Fuego vape pens

I had a great experience overall. I really enjoy the flavor of the sauce in Fuego vape pens. This pen fits well into anything I have to do throughout the day. I have an issue with the size of the tank, but that goes for every disposable with a .25 gram tank. With Fuego vape pens i pay for taste and that sauce is delicious, making the pen well worth the price.

Fuego doesn’t have a website as of finishing this review but you can check availability in your area with Eaze.

Have you tried Fuego vape pens before? Post your review below! Question or comments? Post below or in our forums!

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Dominique is from the Bay Area in California and has been using cannabis products for over 10 years. She's an expert on flower, extracts and vape cartridges. She reviews cannabis products for DabConnection that are in Northern California.


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