Joining our growing group of fake cartridges, Flav has become the latest cartridge brand to be the target of the Chinese counterfeit cartridge market. Formerly known as FlavRX, many of the cartridges you see will be fake FlavRX branded carts.

Fake Flav Carts Are Out There

Flav cartridges are everywhere. They’re a heavily marketed brand and no wonder they are a target to be faked. They’re active on social media. We’ve reviewed a Flav cart, for those curious to compare the real cartridge experience.

First thing to look for: Now it’s Flav, not FlavRX

flav cartridge
Here’s an authentic, recent Flav cartridge. The RX is gone.

Here’s an easy tip-off: Flav has changed their branding recently, no longer to be known as FlavRX. Here is their website’s product list. So any products being sold under the FlavRX branding currently are fakes, unless it’s the rare case of a retailer selling off old stock.

Flav is active on combating counterfeit cartridges

We are at least blessed with one company which is vigilant in warning the public of knock-off imitations. Here they are on Instagram, and here’s their Twitter. On Instagram, they posted this detail of how to distinguish their carts from imitation packaging:

fake flavrx cartridge

But note that’s for their old branding.

Because Flav is a multi-state brand with a wide range of products out there including edibles, it’s more significant that knock-off carts could be out there in the wild. Most people would at least see the brand as complying with established safety standards, to go that far.

FlavRX bath bomb packaging

Flav bath bomb packaging

Fake bath bombs might be the next thing.

A Recent Incident Caused By Fake Vape Oil

In Hanford, California, seven people were hospitalized with pneumonia-like symptoms triggered by using unregulated cannabis vaporizer cartridges. Two patients had to be put on life-saving mechanical ventilation. The incident prompted the King’s County Department of Public Health to issue this warning. That can serve as general wise advice to everybody, not just people in California.

Have you encountered fake Flav / FlavRX products in the wild?

Have you encountered a fake or Flav or FlavRX cartridge or another knock-off Flav product?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or in our forum!


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