I was invited over to ‘The Dispensary’ (that’s the name of the store.) I met with a very friendly staff, from the check-in to the salesperson who greeted me. The very modern, stylish store had a great vibe going on for sure. I met with Red, the store manager. They had a bunch of items for me to check out and do reviews on. One item I got was a box holding an Entourage Live resin vape cart, “Champagne Kush” and it rocked!  


  • Strong body high
  • A quality cart that did not get that burnt taste at the end
  • Very sharable with friends, gets a lot of people very high fast


  • The box is too childproof, scissors got it open
  • The price is fair, but high for regular use for my budget

Recommendations: None

entourage cart box

When I read “Champagne Kush” I rolled my eyes, then the high set in, I stand corrected! 

This CART was a bit of a sneaker, as the high came slow at first then all at once. It tasted like a very clean weed, no other taste really, so maybe it is the Champagne of weed. I had asked a few friends to give it a try to see if I could gather any other comments on flavor, and all agreed that it was a clean taste, no sweet no nothing, just weed, and the taste went on exhale. No aftertaste even, so nice. As for the high, I’d have to say, take your time with this one. I think I took 7 or 8 pulls thinking it was not working, then I was so high I was afraid to look down. No, it was not a bad thing, just more than I had expected. I took a very long bike ride to enjoy a nice day, and everything was so vivid and colorful, I was feeling spring for sure, and this high made it 100 times better.

entourage cart close

Entourage carts are fairly priced

At $35 for this cart, I’d say get it if you can. It’s not for the regular smoker like me who must watch a budget. It did last 3 of us, mixed with flower for 3 days, so if you’re the only one using it, it may last you a bit longer. The high quality of this product will bring me back when I want a treat or a special occasion. I’ll also be informing my friends to try this out, I think it’s a very top drawer and needs to be known about in the stoner community. 

entourage cart side

The taste was…. none? 

I have never tasted anything like this cart, so clean and weed-tasting. No sugar taste other than the weed. I wish all carts were like this in that respect, I don’t need a bunch of flavors, I need THC and it to not taste bad, is that asking too much? Well not with this cart, it’s exactly what you get, high and nothing extra. I love it! 

entourage cart

Length of time it lasted 

This cart lasted 3 folks with flower consumption for just about 3 days. On day one, I did overdo it a bit and only had the first session with it and had to let it be (can one get too high?) I’m going to say that if you’re a lone wolf smoker (consumer) this cart may last a while, just go slow at first so you can see how it hits you, you can always hit it more.  

entourage cart details

Replace My regular flower for me? 

I would love to get this and only this, however, I’m not the only smoker in the house and I feel this would blow the budget fast at $35 per cart, not bad, just more than my budget. 

Thank you to The Dispensary for the Entourage Cart “Champagne Kush”, I give it 5 out of 5 red eyes. 


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