IMPORTANT UPDATE: THCO (and its isomers) are now banned by the DEA. Unlike the majority of cannabinoids, THCO does not naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Furthermore, THCO is an acetate, and acetates have been shown to be harmful when vaped. We at DabConnection do not recommend products containing THCO.


I recently had the pleasure of reviewing EightySix Brand THC-O sodas, which contain 25 mg of THC-O, a THC analogue. THC-O is known for being much more potent than THC, so this is definitely a drink for experienced cannabis users. I personally get a bit wary when I wade into the murky world of THC analogues, so I was really happy to see that EightySix independently tests their products to ensure you’re getting exactly what you asked for and nothing else. It was a relief to see the QR code on the can, and it speaks to EightySix Brand desire for high-quality edibles.

A 4-pack of EightySix Brand THC-O pop goes for $39.99 on their website.


  • Legal in all states (for now), replicates a THC high well
  • Body-based high, with an intense headspace at higher doses
  • Smooth ride from start to finish


  • Tolerance built up quickly
  • Doesn’t last as long as traditional THC

Recommendations: None

THCO Soda Collection

4 Flavors

I had the pleasure of working my way through a four-pack in each of their flavors – Tropic Thunder, Grapple Dazzle, Just Peachy, and Mean Mug (root beer). The pineapple flavor definitely came through and didn’t taste much like an edible drink at all. The high rose gently within the first half hour to an intense peak. It certainly scratched the itch and got me to a nice level of high, even though THC-O hits slightly differently. Throughout the come-up, I was anxiety-free and grateful for how smooth the ride to the top was.

Relaxing high

The high was relaxing and body-heavy: perfect for some evening-time relaxation. There was a very nice pain relief element to it, which I appreciated after a long day of working out. The high certainly had an impact on my headspace, and I noticed some difficulty doing my normal routine as I ambled through the brain fog. THC-O is claimed to be three times more potent than traditional delta-nine THC, but I don’t really share that opinion. While the first time I drank it was certainly more potent than my normal edible, as I went through the four-pack I noticed an increase in my tolerance to it each time. I definitely didn’t find it as powerful the fourth time around compared to the first one. That said, the high was consistent and reliable each time I drank it. Although I did notice a tolerance build-up over time, I was grateful that I could count on reliable dosing from each EightySix Brand soda. 

thco soda can close up

Concluding this review

I would recommend this drink to anyone in an illegal state that is looking for a cannabis-like high without sourcing from the black market. I prefer traditional delta-9 THC for my day-to-day usage, but I see how this soda would be a worthy substitute if you don’t have access to legal, quality edibles. This is the perfect product for a slow night in or just a time when you need help getting some extra rest. The THC-O high replicates a stony, Indica high, so I would mostly use this at home. I really appreciated the chance to try out something new, and passed out as soon as I hit the sheets!

You can find EightySix Brand’s THC-O sodas on their official website here.

Have you tried EightySix’s THC-O sodas? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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