I got to try two Splats Collection live resin disposable vapes from Delta Extrax.  These vapes contain a mix of HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC. These are 3.5G each and feature a preheat function which I love. It makes the first pull so much smoother.


  • Pretty strong
  • Tastes great


  • Leakage

Recommendations: Some improvements to the hardware would be great.

de splash

The taste and smell are great

 I got to try the Kandy Kush and Death Star strains which are Sativa and hybrids respectively. They both taste great but the Kandy Kush especially tastes and smells like Skittles which I love. The Kandy Kush was surprisingly my favorite in terms of effects as well. Normally I don’t think I really enjoy the head high of sativas but this one was hitting just right. It didn’t make me too in my head where I feel like I have more thoughts than I could possibly know what to do with and it becomes overwhelming. It was just a nice mood lift with a bit of anxiety relief. 

Death Star

The Death Star strain was great with less mood elevation but more anxiety and pain-relieving effects. I think this is a better everyday kinda strain because of these are the most prominent effects. This one tastes really good as well. A bit more like cherry I think but still not quite as good in the taste department as the Kandy Kush. Both strains feature THC – 8, THC – 9, and live resin.

de splash box

Problems with the hardware

As much as I enjoyed the high from the Delta Extrax products (my expected result at this point of familiarity with the brand), I did have one issue. Both vapes but specifically the Kandy Kush started having large amounts of the live resin coming out of the mouthpiece. I know sometimes a tiny bit might get in your mouth like the vape version of scooby snacks but this was different. It was so much coming out that I have to believe the specific product I got was not working as it should. Honestly, there was so much concentrate coming out of the mouthpiece that instead of letting it go to waste I definitely just scraped it off and hit it as a dab.

This high was super intense which is why I know the actual cannabis product within the disposable is high quality. I just think the two pens that I used were maybe part of a faulty batch. I have tried a lot of different products from Delta Extrax and they were always great so I was surprised by this difficulty in using the products. Because although fun, it definitely made me use and lose the products much more quickly than I generally would.

de splash disposable

More details about the Splats Collection (Details from DE site)


Concluding this review

All in all, I think this was an isolated issue. As I said before, I have tried a lot of different Delta Extrax products and never had this issue before. And with an incredible high from both the Death Star and Kandy Kush strains, I would still recommend you give them a try. The taste, euphoria, and stress relief were really unmatched by these products. I can’t wait to try some more products from Delta Extrax in the future.

You can find out more about Delta Extrax products  here.

Have you tried the splats by Delta Extrax? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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