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Today I went into Curaleaf Dispensary on Las Vegas Blvd. 06/20/2023.

I’ve spent a lot of money at this location along with other locations and in 2022 they were great. Early on in ‘23 I suddenly started to notice things shifting- I’m a patient man, I grow plants and garden so I know sometimes things look “not so great” but wait, it just may be a bad day. Plants bounce back and so do stores. But plants also decline more rapidly than I’m willing to look at and so has Curaleaf Dispensary!

So now I’m going to tell you why I used to be a regular customer at Curaleaf, but I’ve been very disappointed with their customer service and product quality over the past few months.

The first time I noticed a problem was when I ordered online. I selected a strain that was advertised as having 21% THC, but when I picked it up at the store, the THC content was actually 17%. I spoke to a manager about this, and they said that the online menu was not always up to date. So I asked about online ordering. So I started doing that- mistakes got made, but mostly fixed. But the THC percent is a factor when I’m spending $200 to $300 a week between both myself and my husband going in to shop. The staff knows our names for crying out loud!

More problems

I’ve had other problems with customer service at Curaleaf as well. One time, I went to the store to purchase a vape pen, but the staff member who helped me was very rude and unhelpful. They didn’t seem to know much about the products, and they were very dismissive of my questions. I got so frustrated I just left. I just said to myself, they are having a bad day, let it go- but it happened again the next day, same store, different employee- just so flippant about my not liking a brand they were pushing- I get sales, but if the customer says back off that brand, let’s look this way, take the lead and make a sale.

Declining quality 

I’ve also had problems with the quality of Curaleaf’s products. I’ve purchased quite a few different strains of flower from them, and they’ve all been dry and underwhelming, it’s like they have an entirely new grow that’s not what I’d come to live in ‘22. The effects of the flower have also been inconsistent and underwhelming to say the least. And seeds and stems, well more than I’ve become accustomed to. Oh, and it went up $5 on the 1/2oz for this lower quality, $55.

Overall, I’m very disappointed with Curaleaf. Their customer service is poor, and the quality of their products is not what it used to be. I would not recommend this dispensary to anyone anymore. It’s too bad as there are quite a few kind people working there, it’s too bad they don’t have more power to correct the issue they seem to be developing rapidly.

Bait and Switch

The bait and switch tactic is a common sales technique that involves advertising a product at a low price, only to switch it out for a more expensive product when the customer arrives at the store. This is a deceptive practice that is illegal in many jurisdictions.

In the case of Curaleaf, they are advertising products with high THC levels on their website, but when customers arrive at the store, they are often given products with lower THC levels. This is a clear example of bait and switch, and it is a deceptive practice that should not be tolerated.

If you have been a victim of a bait and switch at Curaleaf. I encourage you to file a complaint with the Nevada Department of Taxation. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, both of which I’ve done.

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