Pure is a vape company operating out of California. We’ve covered a couple Pure products, the Pure Vibe and the Pure THC syringe, before. Inevitably, Pure has gotten to be a big enough brand that counterfeit knock-offs have begun to appear.

Fake Pure One vape carts are popping up everywhere

That’s the first thing to to know about Pure Vape products is that they do not sell online. They have a list of licensed distributors where you may find their products for sale. The second thing to note is that their distributors are only in California, so if you find a Pure Vape sold by a distributor outside California, it’s also not kosher.

The Pure company even uses “a proprietary triple distilled oil,” aimed to be solvent-free and tested to be pesticide free. So if you’re getting a counterfeit, none of these standards would obviously be in effect.

The listing on DHGate for Pure One Vape hits 205 results!

Normally we find half a dozen or so listings. Pure must have exploded in popularity on the black market for it to have this many. Pure One is, naturally, their cartridge model.

hundreds of counterfeit Pure One carts

Furthermore, a few bunk cartridges have clearly hit the streets by now, as reported by reviewers who have encountered shoddy imitation products:

bad review of fake

Not only that, but a concerned Redditor encountered suspicious cartridges in this thread, which gives us a few other clues. The customer got the cartridge from a delivery service. Delivery services in California, not to point fingers, have been known to be conduits for counterfeit cartridges. There’s a ton of fly-by-night THC delivery services listed on sites like Yelp, many of them literally closing down their website within weeks of their single review.

We found a black market seller on Twitter:

illicit cartridge operation

In fact, that whole hashtag soup there lists the who’s who of frequently counterfeited or fake brands. Smart Carts, TKO, and of course the ubiquitous Dank. Wise vape users might just want to make it a rule of thumb from now on: Any distributor who even lists Dank, bail out pronto. Do not pass “Go”!

Here’s another red flag:

illegal cartridge distribution on Twitter

“You don’t see it you tell me I got it” – that’s because he’s ordered truckloads of cheap empties off DHGate for pennies apiece and it’s the same bunk he’s pouring into every cartridge. Brand and strain info mean nothing!

Not to mention in the first place, Pure One does not sell online, ever, so every distributor offering to sell you Pure Ones over Twitter is a sham. We’ll say the same for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Pure One users: Encountered a counterfeit?

We’re all ears! Thank you vigilant readers in your continuing efforts to keep the vape community safe! Talk to us here in the comments or in our forum.



  1. Hi it’s my first time buying a pure one. I bright it late lastnight. I’ve hit it a few times it hits good and is filled all the way to the top it does have a few bubbles at the top and it’s a bit thick to. It also says ccell Jupiter at the bottom. I just wanna know if it’s real. I been hitting it and haven’t felt sick or nothing but I just wanna make sure its legit


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