TKO Products makes TKO vapes and they are based out of California. Fake TKO carts are now everywhere, most likely outselling the real thing. Here we will go through the basics on identifying fake TKO cartridges and where to get the real thing.

Update June 20, 2019: The fake TKO company on Instagram, under the username _tkoextracts, recently posted results from Bella Costa Labs that were falsified.

Update July 27, 2019: Some have claimed that TKO is an East Coast rand in our comments section and this might be true. We are unable to confirm it because upon asking them via their Instagram account if they were fake or real, we were blocked. There exists more fake hardware TKO carts than anything else, so even if there is an East Coast brand, odds are whatever you are getting is fake and has no consistency with TKO products in other areas.

Not a disposable? It’s a Fake TKO cartridge

Just heard back from TKO products by email and they only make disposables now. This might be in response to the amount of fakes out there. Basically any cartridge out there that is a stand alone cart that needs a battery attached to it is a fake TKO cart. Fake cartridges have been a constant issue in the cannabis industry.

Here’s what real TKO carts look like

tko cartridge
Here’s a real TKO cart.
tko pineapple express
Real TKO vapes only come in this style.

All real TKO cartridges use the same disposable style pen. We emailed TKO Products, makers of TKO Extracts to confirm, and they said they no longer make any non-disposable vape carts.

Here are some examples of fake TKO cartridges

You will notice basically all the ones you see on the black market are fake. We personally have not yet seen the disposables even being sold outside of dispensaries, even though it may be happening somewhere.

The packaging below is 100% fake. It does not even use the same logo as the original TKO extracts.

The fake TKO carts use what appears to be a CCELL clone.

The fakers even offer 20 different flavors. Too bad TKO only offers four as of now.

Old TKO carts lurking

There might be some old stand alone TKO cartridges lurking around, but there are few. Almost all that have been produced were fakes. All that continue to be produced now are fakes. The only real TKO cartridges are going to be in disposable form. TKO Products is based in California, so if you get them anywhere besides a legit CA dispensary, they might be fake too.

At this point it is safe to say there are little to none of these old TKO cartridges in circulation.

Fake does not always mean bad

If you’ve seen our oil pen tests page, then you know many legit brands even come up for dirty oil. All carts you get on the street are not necessarily dirty or of low quality either. If your plug is using good oil and fake TKO vape hardware, it still might be a good overall vape cart. Fakes can also be awful, mixed with MCT oil or other not-so-great products.

Just keep in mind when you see the TKO brand in a stand alone cartridge there is no “brand” and no consistency with that brand, unless its the same plug you got oil carts from before.

Concluding our Fake TKO guide…

TKO looks like a legit supplier of cannabis products that unfortunately got ripped off. They even provide a Certificate of Analysis to prove their products are clean. I’d definitely take a real TKO disposable vape over any fake TKO carts. We’ll be doing a review on the real thing soon! For now check out our current lists of best THC vape cartridges for California and Nevada.

What’s your experience with fake TKO carts? Are these floating around your area? Comment below or post in our forum!


  1. They have been around for over a year or so. They have an Instagram and actually consistently beat out all the other fakes I’ve tested. The 20 flavors are pretty true to the strain profile when compared to the same flower head to head on a few occasions. Some people are paying up to $100 for the fake tko in this report, the ones I tried were in the $50-60 range. I sure would like to try out a real disposable but I don’t like the idea of throwing batteries in the trash every few days or so. It’s like rap, the new rapper says the best rappers name to get recognition and fighting Toto get in the game. To find the real ones I suppose I’ll need to visit a Cali dispensary but that’s difficult when you have seizures, fibromyalgia and other debilitating chronic health conditions.

    • Good point the disposables. We do hit them as some have great oil but it is kind of a shame to throw away an entire battery each time, especially when they could use a cheap stick battery and it would cost not that much more but be better for the environment.

  2. I get the fakes out here in vermont even though they may be bootleg. I have no complaints its still high quality oil every time.

    • Yeah i get them all the time and yeah i didnt think they were fake but great oil everytime and who know just becouse they have the same names which lots of places don’t mean its fake its a different logo same name but never heard of shitty product from these carts

    • No way is it high quality oil bro! When you’ve tried a good real one from a reputable med dispensary, then you’ll know how fake they are after the fist taste/puff! Klad4822@gmail. We’ll go to a dispensary Amy time ur in mass. Peace

  3. Another thing to worry about is the fakes using distillate that has been cut with glue. The glue when emulsified with distillate thickens it up and adds weight for higher profits. Another reason to ONLY buy licensed, tested product. Consumers are protected by law against poison additives in states that have legalized and legislated testing for licensed products.

  4. This review is two separate companies. Neither of them are fake they both just use the same name. Gotta do some homework guys.

      • We searched everywhere and even contacted the “other TKO” They have no registration anywhere. Talked with the original TKO and these are in fact fakes of their products.

        It’s more of a “hardware brand” at this point but there is no central processing for TKO extracts besides the official company in California that only produces disposables. They stopped making regular carts.

        You also will notice there is no pictures of any facilities for the fake TKO brand that is on instagram, because they don’t have one. They are just making hardware and reselling it. If the plug has good oil it still might be good though.

        These are no different than Eureka Vapor, a real brand in CA and a copy everywhere else.

        • The TKO brand you’re referring to is an East coast company, and they’ve been around for at LEAST five years. Just because somethings black market doesn’t mean it’s fake.

          • Correct about it being an East Coast company/brand. They’ve NEVER sold a cartridge in a dispensary in California…..NEVER. No idea about the disposables though. Looks like a company in Calif. just basically ripped off the name and rolled at some disposables. Clever enough to fool even “Bert Blaze”

          • It doesn’t even matter when there are so many fakes. Odds are whatever it is it’s a fake at this point.

  5. Just got some from cali (candyland) taste great but nothing to them no potentcy. Barley makes me caugh. i hit this 10 times to my kingpen once & the king is “king” im in NJ fYI

    • I bought some of these by accident in NH.
      I got a massive headache so I looked it up and found this.
      Let me tell you though, I get drug tested at pain management and after using these fakes for one day he claims my THC levels were 1200 when they’re usually 200-300. So the ones in NH, from Maine, are pretty damn strong.

  6. Just got TKO Orange Tangie in Rhode Island. My plug has Massachusetts ties very close to where the other commenters are from. Paid $50 for mine and it’s better than the Dank, Supremes and others I usually get.

  7. I got TKO fakes today Zkittklez 45$ a gram cart and I been vaping 84% med Shatter lately and I’m bakes on four hits

  8. I get drug tested monthly. Nothing bad in the ‘fake’ carts im getting luckily.100000% better than any dispensary cart ive gotten anywhere on earth. KNOW YOUR SOURCE

    • I get drug tested every two weeks and after using these for one day and having nothing else for days, he claimed my THC levels were 1200 when they’re usually 200-300.

  9. I am not saying this is the case, but a lot of companies also push carts to illegal states. I have multiple friends who are reps for legitimate companies in Cali that send them in mass quantities to people in illegal states to sell. They tend to be “dirty” carts that they don’t want that affecting their reputation so they ship them off because they don’t want to waste product.

    • LOL .. “they don’t want to affect their reputation” but they’re willing to jeopardize their entire existence by sending their brand out of state? Yeah that makes a ton of sense. If they are doing that … they are doing it under a different brand. Finally …..companies out here in Calif. are not filling and packing up a ton of carts and then come to find out they are dirty and have to dump them. That shit involving testing is done WAY before they ever get into a cartridge.

    • Can you tell me what yours cost? I always pay the same for the white tipped carts. They are inexpensive imho. My sister lives in CT and the prices there are criminal.

  10. I am smoking what now appears to be a Fake cart from Mass. I have sativa and indica and have used these carts for the last 3 month. They came from a dispensary. The smoke seems to be great, each does what its supposed to except I get headaches in the morning. How do I find out what I’ve been smoking?

  11. I guess I had two fake tko carts but I got high as hell off them. I had cookies and og kush. Didn’t last very long tho only a few days.

      • Not true, I buy carts from dispensary and I have 1 battery. They sell both disposable and just the cart. Maybe the real TKO only sells disposable but every dispensary I’ve been to in mass sells both. My daughter buys the fake tko because it’s cheaper. They work but taste like chemical unlike the good ones that taste like the bud.

        • Then that dispensary might be selling all fakes because TKO is only a CA company, but it’s also possible they are buying TKO hardware online and filling it up with good oil.

          Could you link to that store we would like to check it out further and verify

          Thanks for commenting!

      • Hey Admin …. you’re full of it dude. You have NO idea what you are talking about. Once again people … the TKO carts are an east coast company/brand and NOT a Calif. company. Just like Smart Carts, this is nothing more than an underground brand that found a niche and took off out east. Nothing more…. nothing less. There are no “real” TKO’s. Are the real ones coming with test results? Verifiable? No ….

        PS: I’m referring to the carts not the disposables.

        • The amount of fakes is astronimical. If there was a brand making them, at this point they are heavily outnumbered by the fakes so it really does not matter. If you get a TKO cart, 99% chance it is not from whatever brand you are referring to.

  12. I have a tko extract Durban poison rn and it does not have a pleasant taste compared to other carts I’ve had .

  13. Got 3 for $120 here in buffalo ny., sour diesel is the only one I have tried so far and I was very stoned, no headaches, and it tasted great

  14. “fakes” with white tips in Texas for about $35 a cart. For “fake” carts, they sure are damn good. At least as good as anything I tried in CO…

  15. my guy got a batch or two of these here in chicago. I didn’t think it was terrible. This wasn’t the only fake floating around… saw some guy advertising his amerijuana carts. turns out they were fakes. Ready for Illinois legalization 2020 🤗

  16. It’s always the fake ones I buy here in Charleston SC, I usually hit the pen for around 3 to 5 seconds , taste decent and cheap. I like it better than the flowers that sale around here. Would like to get the real ones and see whats the difference.
    Jetty carts are the best carts I’ve tried so far here in Chuck town. That was about 3 years ago. Would love to get my hands on some more jetty.

    But all in all for $30 1 cart usually last under 2 weeks solo not that bad. I can buy $30 of flowers and it’s gone in under 30 minutes so it could be worse. But I will stick to the fake pens until I come across a plug with more legitimate products.

  17. Fake ones here Obx NC their complete shit and taste like straight pine sol everyone’s got them they suck asssss but “they’ve got all the exotic flavors” 😂😂😂 I’m so glad I found this forum so now I can screenshot it and sent it to anyone who tries to tell me they got TKO cuz for a while now all I can say is I don’t fucking want anyyyy TKO lol

    • You got a shitty source filling em up. This forum is hilarious. Only a few truly understand how the game works. Bad actors and good actors, you got to know good actors to get good product real or fake whatever that means!!!!

  18. Fakes in Long Island. I’ve tried the TKO Candyland, Gelato, and Cookies. All very potent and probably the strongest carts I’ve tried.

      • Thats what you get for buying a 1g for 25… ik this kid in quincy selling them for 25 and hes a pretty well known scumbag and scammer, i saw him post a pic of all his carts and he has 2 different sherbert tko carts, everything is the same but the color of the packaging, some orange, some yellow-i dont trust anyone that isnt my boy or my friends boy

    • The fakes are all over DHgate. If there ever was any small company using that packaging it is 100x overdone by the fakes. Also you will notice they stole the logo from the original TKO. There’s only one TKO in CA. Post a link to the real brand then. All you will find is an IG that just posts hardware and nothing about making oil. You the dweeb son.

  19. I am purchasing Durban poison tomorrow. TKO says 100% Solvent Free..Premium Distillate. Are these fake? I noticed several to a box


  21. Yall watch out i smoked a fake tko and i was tripping . i been smoking for years and ik when its not weed . I been doing research and it could’ve had k2 or a lil pcp . I could’ve over dosed y’all stay safe, shit ain’t no joke

  22. Only tko fake i ever got was fake af like prob had no thc maybe 10%. Same for a monopoly igot fucker sucked and just made me a bit paranoid and anxious or maybe that was because i wasnt actually getting my daily dose of thc for 4 or 5 days before i gripped some fire now im sitting here blazed like damm was i just smoking honey for 5 days

  23. I have been doing what they are calling fakes for months now, some flavors are good others not so much but all have been very good and only had one cell fail. BTW I don’t actually think “fake “is correct I believe there are just two companies using same name, is it a rip off? probably but if it’s good product who cares. Oh and first plug was charging 40 now I get for 30.

    • We thought that at first but following up further… it is a fake. There’s no central processing for the other TKO company and you can tell they even ripped off the logo. Even if there was a small TKO company, if it’s not a disposable you will be running into fakes.

      Also a bit telling, there is no pictures of anything related to extract production on their IG, which is their only official anything.

  24. Yo,

    I’ve had a bunch of what I GUESS are fake tko carts.. lemontree, skittles, etc.. but the best BY FAR has been the Lime OG cart. It has almost a psychedelic type high, similar to what strawberry cough or sensei star would give me from a huge bong RIP when my tolerance was much lower.. this is the ONLY cart that gives me this effect, which makes me wonder, what’s so different about it? I’ve also bought plenty of dispensary ones (apex) and honestly, the (fake I guess) TKO Lime OG is the best i think I’ve ever had.

    Anyone else have this experience?

    • Just to add… I have extensive psychedelic experience.. I’m positive I’d be able to tell if there were something “else” in there, I just can’t understand how something that’s “fake” could be so much better than the real ones… it is hard on the lungs though… which makes me nervous for sure, also. In Boston.

      • The fake just means it’s a counterfeit of the original brand, TKO Extracts. It is very likely the plug you get it from puts quality THC oil in it and if so, the “TKO” part is just really the hardware. However, I would bet most of the fake TKO’s out there are probably not that great, and none of them are going to be as good as the original which does lab tests etc.

  25. Fakes in nc foothills too but ive not hqd any probs outta mine. My plug was up front about it. I’ve enjoyed the high from these and will continue to buy.

  26. Hi i’m having a bad experience with my cartridge it won’t burn I’ve tried different batteries I don’t know what to do it’s working I don’t have the receipt anymore so I can’t take it back and I really use it for my pain in my back

  27. $25/1g in Massachusetts, here… And I have no complaints on the price or the quality. I am also not a patient, and have been relatively haphazard for most of my life in terms of what I ingest.
    Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve never had an issue with any of the hardware, ever. Smooth hits til the last drop.
    I’ll pay $25 til I’m not happy with the product.

  28. There is a solid line of fakes out there sometimes it’s just takes a good chef and you have a good product regardless of the name on the box or the address it was made

        • There’s no arguing… at least from us but people in the comments may. The purpose of the article is just to inform people it’s not a real brand and expect no consistency. Basically it’s just hardware but some people still think there will be some consistency to the brand. They find this post and then they know there is not, it is only the plug that may or may not be consistent.

          • The reason that people think this is because they believe anything they buy in some Mass. dispensary must be real. Well it ain’t folks.

        • Because the fakes make people sick. There are multiple replies in this thread with people having health problems from them. Including me. I don’t smoke anything- no cigs, no flower.. I tried cookies a week ago and instantly my lungs were very painful and flu symptoms. Fever for a week, and been to the ER. Doctors can’t find anything wrong with me either, just treating symptoms..

          That is why this argument is very valid.

  29. hey glad i read this. this dude in Los angeles is selling grams carts for 25 and have thousands of them, they are definitely fake.

  30. I just purchased two in Florida that were CCell. So far no issues. Seems to be working for me just don’t know the percentage of thc I’m taking in

  31. Dank Vapes® business model is pure genius.
    Dank Vapes® isn’t interested in selling carts.
    The authentic Dank Vapes® empty boxes for packaging IS the product.
    That’s what they make their $$$ on.
    They’ve essentially become a brand recognized package manufacturing concern for counterfeit products inside

  32. When they first started circulating they were disposable. If you’re buying them in states that aren’t legal and they’re disposable don’t worry they aren’t fake. 🤣🤣 Classic example of “you can’t believe everything you read”.

  33. Texas $50 some taste okay, then you get the ones that taste like formaldehyde. Not good at all when you wasted that much money and can’t stand the taste.

  34. Keep coming across them in CT….$40 each, obviously there’s gonna be a markup from $25 since we arent legal yet. Comes in Forbidden Fruit, Cookies, Sour Diesel and Banana Kush. Taste’s good….just got yesterday. I had already read this before I purchased so I know the deal and hope for the best. Just went to MA dispensary and paid about $70 (tax incl) for .5 of “Lemon Ice” which looked 1/4 empty already and was almost empty in 3 days of very slow puffing, nothing crazy! Who wouldnt try $40 or $25 carts just for the chance they’re good….I’ve never gotten a “TKO cart” that had fake oil or a formaldehyde taste….seems to give a pretty good high…I just pray I’m not ingesting that will hurt me too bad. Is there a way to Post pics here?

  35. I’m shocked this article is even still up. Admin, you’re a fucking idiot. TKO Extracts is a black market company that has existed for YEARS, back when these cali fucknuggets were just making brownies. They have 6000 followers on Instagram…East Coast tko has over 40,000, and that’s WITH getting deleted every few months. You don’t know shit. Get hip or go home, you fuckin square.

    • A question was submitted to them if they are a real cartridge or a hardware company and they blocked the account. Should there be a real brand, at this point most are fakes either way due to the amount of fake hardware out there. It should also be noted that they faked lab results from Bella Costa Labs, the TKO that has the more popular IG account.

      We will update the post to reflect that there may be a real company out there, but there are much more fakes out there than real no doubt. Even based on the variants in comments of people saying it is good or bad there is no consistency. Thanks for commenting.

  36. I just bought a TKO Extracts cart an hour ago..Biscotti is the flavor/strain. After reading this I’m guessing I bought a fake 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️..

  37. That’s all I get is the “fake” ones here in MA. They look like the ones pictured above. Never had a weird tasting one, all seem to come with the same amount of oil and of good quality. Paying anywhere from as low as 20 all the way to 40 for a 1g cart

  38. I’ve smoked three out of the ten I bought in one of those boxes and I’ve had a fever for two weeks and the doctors don’t know why. Started after I finished the second one. Could be unrelated but wanted to share.

  39. I’m vaping one of those “fakes” right now. Mango Gelato. We get “fakes” all the time. They’re always good though. This is the first TKO brand I’ve had. Definitely one of the “fakes”. I’m in NC, and I’m fucking stoned as fuck right now. We get multiple brands of “fakes”, and they’re probably better than what the guys in legal states get. I know they’re “fakes” because I look them up, just like I did with this one. I’ve noticed the black market tends to out do the legal market in most aspects. It almost worries me, if we ever legalize here, that we might lose quality in our products.

    • You have a very good supplier. I FINALLY got to try a fake TKO the other day. I had a Cannavative cart with me and we tested side by side. The Cannavative cart blew it away. It 100% just depends on your supplier when it comes to carts like this.

  40. Got hooked up for my birthday earlier this month with one of these “fakes” and let the guy recommend the flavor, ended up w mango gelato, got a hell of a deal on the full gram cart, partly cuZ I did play the “it’s my birthday” card, lol but either way, fake or real I’m very happy with my purchase and intend to get more when I’m done with this one!

  41. Gone through at least 40 of these here in MA in the past year, no problems at all. Black tip, half g. Box of ten carts = 350

  42. Ive smoked about 10 of these fake ones, but still good product.Im in NC and there $50 bucks each!We were getting Dank brand but now tko is all thats around.

  43. I just seen online where i can order these “fakes” from a medical dispensary 30 miles from my house. Quit spreading false information.

  44. I got fakes in Chicago area, and it has caused a lung infection. Be careful, this is not fun. Been to urgent care and ER, all tests negative, but causes flu like symptoms ( fever, chills, aches, no appetite) Heart rate stuck at 120bpm, resp rate 22 (avg 16). The one that did me over was cookies. I could tell while smoking it, it made my lungs hurt almost instantly and that night was instant flu symptoms. It has been 6 days and no light at the end of the tunnel yet, only worse.

  45. I think I see a old cartridge (blueberry diesel) the bottom of the cart is engraved TKO in the metal. or I just seen a new fake one. lol

  46. Jimmy what do you mean funny tasting one….
    Been using for a while and like but feel it’s at my health cost…
    This last one tast funny even a after taste…
    Thought it was just a good cart flavor but not sure…
    Any thoughts???

  47. I’ve had a lot of “fakes” and they have the best oil outta any cart i have ever seen and/or tried, better than most i get at the dispensary in PA

  48. Well well. Carts ade gone in cc. Tx. Dank spread fast and hard draining everyone $40-60 a cart. So now heres tko. Its 4 am and i just hit my pen 3 times for the 3rd time since 130 and im totally smashed and mh beautiful ole lady just crashed. The drive back from our plugs was smokey with 2 hits each and a laughing erotic all over the road kinda drive. So my comment since im broke and just bought a Benz and headed to colorado is why doesnt someone that has a little money to spare take these carts to a lab for testing and see if its legit? My cart sats 100% solvent free extra strength 1000mg jybrid blueberry diesel

    • The problem is if we test any of the fakes, it is just testing whatever plug’s oil that is, so it would not be that accurate.

      What kind of Benz did you get?

    • Its all about your plug – if they are good, the fakes might be good!

      Still probably any of them wont be as good as tested legit CA stuff, but still better than nothing!

  49. Yeah, I just ran across one. The oil isn’t dark, I can smell the potency as soon as I opened the canister. I’m not complaining as of yet.

  50. Lol 30$ a gram isn’t a bad price on oil that works like medicine. Plenty of people grow flower that is just as good as the dispensary and no ones calling that fake. And getting sick from smoking them sounds like K2 and withdraw from the chemicals so I wouldn’t advise buying them unless you know the source they are coming from. It’s all about making money. Simple so of course there’s always gonna be knock offs but it doesn’t mean it’s not good distillate that was being loaded into the carts.

  51. Been smoking TKO for a while now. Am smoking forbidden fruit right now and I’ll tell you 3 hits in and I’m buzzing. The ones I get come from Mass at a dispensary. Look like the fake ones but I got at 2 different dispensaries. So if they are fake they are damn good. Have gotten for friends and they love them too. The oil is very light in color some even clear. Love them

  52. Just picked up cookies from a trusted conneck..50$ I’m in VA.. it is a little harsh but strong..I have what I consider to be a high tolerance as I only smoke concentrate, at least.5g a day, only get carts for work..will let u know how it goes

  53. Just dropped one off a saice cart for testing at mcr. Not my first drop off and they have always come back clean and high potency. No issues here.

  54. I have tried two different “fake ones” Biscotti, and lemon drop. There was an immediate red flag, by way of not having the potency labeled on it. I’ve only been to the dispensary once personally, when I visited Colorado. Every one I bought and or looked at had the percentages on each individual packaging. I’m not sure if that’s an accurate way to tell, but it seems like it should be required for a legit one. That being said, they were both very good products. A few of us had a smoke session over the course of a few days. We also had some of the “Dank” brand. Happy with both. Do you have info on that particular brand as well? Thanks

  55. Lol just learned that the “fake” tko I’ve been getting are not the real thing well they’re better then any carts I’ve had and never even seen the disposable or heard about them till I clicked this link. Crazy how everyone I know knows of the 10 pack white boxes not the singular disposable

  56. Tko are fake looking for good carts add despicabledabz on Instagram he has ogkrx from California they are way better tasting and less harsh then any “tko” I’ve had

  57. I only seen tko carts sold n the fake package. They are good but doesn’t last nearly as long as ginger dank or my fave WDC. I usually get a headache with some tko carts but they do get u lit.

  58. Believe it or not the guy I’ve been buying from has these fake carts but I don’t get it if they are fake how do they still get me high? It’s so weird

  59. If they’re fake is there any concern that these may not be genuine thc? Is there a chance these could be mixed with anything else? Just got one from Philly, haven’t used it yet. A little paranoid now lol 👀

  60. I’ve spoken to someone who makes them. They are an east coast hardware company. As long as the plug uses good oil your fine. Snagged mine at 20 a pop.

  61. Just scored an OG Cookies for 40 around Dayton if it’s fake I’d like to see the real! Awesome long lasting buzz. Highly recommend

  62. The real TKO vape cartridges use premium terpenes and are blended in cold-ethanol distillate, and they come in the form of simple slim black disposable pens, specifically CCELL disposable pens. They currently offer four flavors:

    Pineapple Express: A Sativa-heavy Hybrid that includes Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, and Beta-Caryophyllene terpenes. It has a total of 86.53% THC and a total of 89.50% cannabinoids.

    Rich Gelato: It contains a total of 86.67% THC and a total of 91.06% cannabinoids.

    Northern Lights: It contains a total of 86.39% THC and a total of 91.44% cannabinoids.

    Rose Gold: It contains a total of 84.02% THC and a total of 89.49% cannabinoids.

  63. They say fake but I’m here to say bssss I feel like the “real ones” are a fake and a partner on that company expanded off and did his own this because it probaley his method and their money and changed the name a bit and stated a newly 💯% better TKO because the “fake ones” are the best damn cleanest most potent most amazing cart I’ve smoked and I’m far from a rookie def not my first rodeo and yeah but hey I donno shit lol I’m just high asf from
    The GDP indica “fake” cart 🤷‍♂️🤙🏼😎

    • The only real ones is the same company, it is in CA

      Fake just means its not the real brand, so if your plug put good oil in it it still works

      its like fake shoes, they are still shoes

  64. Mass they are everywhere .. I prefer the TKO compared to others that are around. Taste like chemical sometimes which worries me of course..

  65. I have encountered these fakes before. And I can 100% vouch that they are indeed fake and not even good ones. The cart took several and by several I mean like 5 hits to get even close to the level of high a king pen offers in 1 hit. Good thing I only paid $20 streetprice. Plugs out here fucking people selling carts for $60/70. Had poor taste that did not correspond with the flavor and left a chemical/bad taste in your throught and lungs. Didn’t even make me cough when I hit it till my battery light went off on preheat mode.

  66. I have a king pen that I got it’s in a sealed box even has an expiration date printed on it is it real? Fancy packaging there’s a plastic tube inside the box the cart also has the correct printing on it as far as I know thanks

  67. Here in Ohio in the land of misfit carts,We get a little of everything we get Danks,Moonrocks,Cookies,Kingpens,and TKO’s maybe I’m a bit paranoid but I assume they’re all fake some are just better than others.Recently the TKO and Kingpen seemed to be of better quality than most. But I feel like it’s a gamble every time I pick a new one up of any brand.


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