TKO Products makes TKO vapes and they are based out of California. Fake TKO carts are now everywhere, most likely outselling the real thing. Here we will go through the basics on identifying fake TKO cartridges and where to get the real thing.

Not a disposable? It’s a Fake TKO cartridge

Just heard back from TKO products by email and they only make disposables now. This might be in response to the amount of fakes out there. Basically any cartridge out there that is a stand alone cart that needs a battery attached to it is a fake TKO cart. Fake cartridges have been a constant issue in the cannabis industry.

Here’s what real TKO carts look like

tko cartridge
Here’s a real TKO cart.
tko pineapple express
Real TKO vapes only come in this style.

All real TKO cartridges use the same disposable style pen. We emailed TKO Products, makers of TKO Extracts to confirm, and they said they no longer make any non-disposable vape carts.

Here are some examples of fake TKO cartridges

You will notice basically all the ones you see on the black market are fake. We personally have not yet seen the disposables even being sold outside of dispensaries, even though it may be happening somewhere.

The packaging below is 100% fake. It does not even use the same logo as the original TKO extracts.

The fake TKO carts use what appears to be a CCELL clone.

The fakers even offer 20 different flavors. Too bad TKO only offers four as of now.

Old TKO carts lurking

There might be some old stand alone TKO cartridges lurking around, but there are few. Almost all that have been produced were fakes. All that continue to be produced now are fakes. The only real TKO cartridges are going to be in disposable form. TKO Products is based in California, so if you get them anywhere besides a legit CA dispensary, they might be fake too.

At this point it is safe to say there are little to none of these old TKO cartridges in circulation.

Fake does not always mean bad

If you’ve seen our oil pen tests page, then you know many legit brands even come up for dirty oil. All carts you get on the street are not necessarily dirty or of low quality either. If your plug is using good oil and fake TKO vape hardware, it still might be a good overall vape cart. Fakes can also be awful, mixed with MCT oil or other not-so-great products.

Just keep in mind when you see the TKO brand in a stand alone cartridge there is no “brand” and no consistency with that brand, unless its the same plug you got oil carts from before.

Concluding our Fake TKO guide…

TKO looks like a legit supplier of cannabis products that unfortunately got ripped off. They even provide a Certificate of Analysis to prove their products are clean. I’d definitely take a real TKO disposable vape over any fake TKO carts. We’ll be doing a review on the real thing soon! For now check out our current lists of best THC vape cartridges for California and Nevada.

What’s your experience with fake TKO carts? Are these floating around your area? Comment below or post in our forum!


  1. They have been around for over a year or so. They have an Instagram and actually consistently beat out all the other fakes I’ve tested. The 20 flavors are pretty true to the strain profile when compared to the same flower head to head on a few occasions. Some people are paying up to $100 for the fake tko in this report, the ones I tried were in the $50-60 range. I sure would like to try out a real disposable but I don’t like the idea of throwing batteries in the trash every few days or so. It’s like rap, the new rapper says the best rappers name to get recognition and fighting Toto get in the game. To find the real ones I suppose I’ll need to visit a Cali dispensary but that’s difficult when you have seizures, fibromyalgia and other debilitating chronic health conditions.

    • Good point the disposables. We do hit them as some have great oil but it is kind of a shame to throw away an entire battery each time, especially when they could use a cheap stick battery and it would cost not that much more but be better for the environment.

  2. I get the fakes out here in vermont even though they may be bootleg. I have no complaints its still high quality oil every time.

  3. Another thing to worry about is the fakes using distillate that has been cut with glue. The glue when emulsified with distillate thickens it up and adds weight for higher profits. Another reason to ONLY buy licensed, tested product. Consumers are protected by law against poison additives in states that have legalized and legislated testing for licensed products.

  4. This review is two separate companies. Neither of them are fake they both just use the same name. Gotta do some homework guys.

      • We searched everywhere and even contacted the “other TKO” They have no registration anywhere. Talked with the original TKO and these are in fact fakes of their products.

        It’s more of a “hardware brand” at this point but there is no central processing for TKO extracts besides the official company in California that only produces disposables. They stopped making regular carts.

        You also will notice there is no pictures of any facilities for the fake TKO brand that is on instagram, because they don’t have one. They are just making hardware and reselling it. If the plug has good oil it still might be good though.

        These are no different than Eureka Vapor, a real brand in CA and a copy everywhere else.

  5. Just got some from cali (candyland) taste great but nothing to them no potentcy. Barley makes me caugh. i hit this 10 times to my kingpen once & the king is “king” im in NJ fYI


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