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Botany Farms Gummies & Prerolls | Consistent Best Quality

How are all my beautiful cosmic blueberries on Spaceship Earth? We're 48 hours away from 4/20 as we write. And I've chosen this week...

Botany Farms HHC Gummies Review – Lovely Bites

The Botany Farms HHC gummies are delicious even though they don't contain any high fructose corn syrup. Keep up the great work BF.

Botany Farms HHC Flower Review – Two Bongs Up

I don’t fall in love easily but Botany Farms captured my heart on the first date. The package of Botany Farms HHC flower I...

Botany Farms HHC Cartridge | Consistent Quality

Just recently, our staff reviewer TR Sun turned in his opinion of Botany Farms' delta 10 Pineapple Kush, which didn't thrill him even though...

Botany Farms Delta 10 Cart Review – Decent High

Botany Farms makes a solid product but I think this strain really just wasn’t for me. The high is solid but the taste needs some tweaks.

Botany Farms Delta 8 Hemp Flower : Next Generation Hemp Flower

As I've iterated in previous flower reviews, the Midwest is still in its pioneer days when it comes to cannabis legalization. The Western deserts...