ihort is a retail company offering growing systems and products related to horticulture.

Name: ihort
Website: http://www.ihort.com/index.cfm
Location: International Horticultural Technologies, LLC, P.O. Box 1035, Hollister, CA 95024
E-Mail: info@ihort.com
Tel: 831-637-1800
Fax: 831-637-7556
Facebook: @ihortmedia

ihort retails to the following customer segments:

  • greenhouses
  • nurseries
  • landscapers
  • forestry
  • hydroponics
  • architects

ihort’s products include:

  • Growing plugs
  • Growing trays
  • Growing tiles
  • Trays, pots, and containers
  • Growing kits
  • Hydroponic supplies


cultivated plants showing root structure


growing trays for plant cultivation

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