Here we take a closer look at EM3’s promise of a simple, yet complete package in formulating aerosol medications. Aside from equipment and supplies, they also provide setup and training. EM3 Methodology pledges the shortest amount of time to produce products such as MDI and DPI.
eme methodology
EM3’s flyer from a recent tradeshow that we attended

EM3 specializes in aerosol application of cannabinoids

Since 2001, EM3 has been researching aerosol and dry powder cannabinoid. They developed a method in creating a formula of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) that can reach the correct part of the lungs. This method will ensure an immediate transfer of API into the blood stream.

What makes us even more curios about EM3 is that it does not brand or co-brand the device of their clients. They also do not charge royalties. They only make money by selling the consumables, cans, valves and actuators.

EM3 guides and trains their clients in formulating their own recipe. Rick Adams, owner and creator of EM3, travels to the client’s facility to train them in formulating MDI’s. He uses customized equipment and procedures that he developed for cannabinoid essential oils.


NGI testing equipment
EM3’S next generator impactor equipment. Photo: EM3 Twitter

Offerings by EM3 Methodology

Aside from filling, crimping, and gassing inhalers, EM3 also adjusts the viscosity, ensures miscibility, and measures the aerodynamic particle size of the inhalers. The company uses NGI (Next Generator Impactor) for their particle size classification. While for chromatography analysis, they use an Agilent 1100 HPLC.
Their package deals include: full set-up and calibration, aerosol equipment training and compliance gauges, and re-calibration. All of this can be done at the client’s facility.

More about MDI

Metered-dose inhalers (MDI) are devices that deliver a set dosage of aerosol medication to the lungs. This medication is usually self-administered by the patient and done via inhalation.
To create a successful MDI that will deliver API to the correct part of the lung for immediate transfer into the blood stream, EM3 has created an effective product to deliver it. They give thorough guidance from picking the correct type of metal can and valve, to measuring API’s particle size. The training they provide can last up to 30 days.
em3 sample inhaler
Sample inhalers (Photo from EM3’s Facebook Page)
EM3 is all about making their client’s happy by helping them create a successful MDI product. They also provide testing and validation of the created MDI.

Other options

Dry-powder Inhalers (DPI) are devices that transport medication to the lungs in the form of a dry powder. EM3 has been developing the right formulation that will make DPI’s bio-availability rating of 95%.
em3 dry powder inhaler
Dry Powder Inhaler (Photo from EM3 Methodology’s Facebook Page)
Since there is a variety of options to deliver medication using the aerosol platform; EM3 offers an array of options for its clients. Just by changing the aerosol equipment’s filling head, clients can also create body sprays to hair shampoos.
Nasal application options for their clients. Photo: EM3Methodology

For more info on EM3 Methodology

Find out more about EM3 and their services by checking out their website, or connecting with them on their Facebook and Twitter account.



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