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I recently got the chance to try the Nimbus vaporizer from μKERA. I normally don’t put too much stock into the names of these devices. Sometimes it’s design related but usually they don’t really matter much or it’s just a model number. In this case, though, the name is just so appropriate. The nimbus produces wonderfully large clouds pretty much every time. It was a bit hard to find oil to put in here, but once I did the experience was top-tier.


  • Modern design
  • Draw activated 
  • Easy to use


  • You have to get your own oil to fill it

Recommendations: None

ukera nimbus stock

Very interesting design 

Other than realizing I didn’t have the oil for this particular vaporizer when I got it the first thing I noticed were the colors and design. I get so many different vapes and batteries, that I can really switch them out when I want to be honest, but I think I will be using this one for a while. The color scheme just fits me plus after trying to put in my own oil I think I might prefer that to carts of comparable price. I’m not sure if this is why this worked out like this, but in the same way, it costs less money to buy the ingredients and cook them yourself as opposed to ordering Postmates, I would think the same principle might apply here. The thing that I really like about this oil compartment too is that I could theoretically blend different strains to try and achieve a specific effect which is so cool in theory (whether I will for sure try this myself is another story). 

ukera numbus

Draw activated 

There are no buttons or anything on this μKERA Nimbus either just a USB C charging port at the bottom. It comes out of the box fully charged too which is great. I managed to get a few days of use out of this too without feeling like it was losing power and needing a charge. 

Easy to use

One of my favorite things about this product is how easy it is to use. You just fill up the tank, place the lid on top, and it’s ready to go. The Nimbus is super portable as well due to its great design. It’s a bit smaller than an AirPod case and doesn’t seem to get hot as you use it, which is another common issue I have seen with vapes of any size but especially small ones which still have to heat the product a few hundred degrees. Also speaking of power, I believe the Nimbus gets 3.3V which I think is lower than I tend to set my vapes to in general but it is having no problem producing consistently large clouds so I guess it’s fine. I would think the voltage makes less of a difference than the internal heating mechanism anyway but I do not know that for a fact. 

ukera numbus inside

Concluding this review 

Overall this is a really great product. It might be a bit hard to find the oil that will fill the tank but once you know where to get it honestly this might become a new favorite. I would definitely recommend this vape to users and I look forward to trying more products of theirs in the future.

You can find out more about μKERA products here.

Have you tried the μKERA Nimbus? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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