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Yocan has come up with something that can be handy for many people when it comes to being discreet while vaping. The Yocan Ziva is an incognito cartridge device where you can put any 510-thread cart inside and carry it in your pocket! On top of that, they have amazing features for this little battery and hit differently from any other battery I’ve tested. But is it effective?


  • Has customizable settings
  • Incognito and Protects
  • Hits SMOOTH


  • None

Recommendations: None

yocan ziva boxes

Customizable Heat Settings!

As you can see from the picture below, this little battery has some surprising features. The one that took me by surprise the most was the preheat setting. It is a function that is overlooked quite often but is, in fact, very handy, especially if you live somewhere that is colder! To top that, this battery has 3 voltage settings. Unfortunately, I am unsure of what colors correspond to what voltage, so I took an educated guess that green is 2.6V, blue is 3.2V, and red is 3.8V. I had this set on the middle setting and did not turn it off to see how long the battery lasted, and it lasts about 4-5 days! That is exceptional for a small battery like this. 

yocan ziva details

Super Incognito and Protects

The Yocan Ziva makes it so you can smoke discreetly without wandering eyes on you, and it also protects the cartridge. The aluminum casing protects your carts from drops! It is a very sturdy case, as I dropped it a few times, and nothing happened to the battery or the cartridge. I like this feature the most, mainly because I’m clumsy at best and would be so worried that my carts would get cracked. 

Smooth as vapor!

This battery is set up a bit differently from others I have reviewed, and you do not smoke DIRECTLY. What I mean by that is your lips never touch the cart as I’ve done for other batteries, but you get the excess vapor. There is a chamber for the cart to slide in, and when you inhale from the battery’s end, you get a smoother hit since you are inhaling the vapor that was just released in the battery. I have not coughed once since smoking from this battery! “But I bet it is weak,” some would say, and it is not! You get the same high; it is just smoother on the inhale. 

yocan ziva inside

Is this recommended?

These batteries only cost about $30 and work fantastically, so this is a great buy!

You can find out more about Yocan products here.

Have you tried this innovative vaporizer? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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