This week, I had the chance to review the Go Stik Battery by the company CCELL.


  • Inhale activated
  • Different heat levels
  • Aesthetically pleasing color design 


  • Bigger than the average battery
  • Plastic feels low quality
  • There is little difference in heat settings

Recommendations: Some improvements in the quality of the material and the strength of the device would be great

ccell gostik battery box

Nice design

Something I immediately liked about the product was the packaging. All the pertinent information, such as the battery type ( Dual Heat 510 thread), the cartridge compatibility,  to the design features, are all listed clearly for the user’s convenience. Another thing that stuck out to me was the product’s design. The battery is inhale-operated, eliminating the need for a button that can get stuck or make it any bulkier than needed.

It also has a switch with a high setting and a low setting that allows the user to control the intensity of their intake for a more customizable smoking experience. An additional thing I enjoyed about the GoStik is its appearance. I selected a purple/blue device, and I’m very pleased with how it looks. The colors are rich and bright, and the ombre effect makes it seem very high quality. I’ve received many compliments on it as well.

ccell gostik battery

Some downsides

Though a solid choice, CCELL Go Stik has its downsides. One of my main issues with the product is how big it is. The product is significantly taller and wider than the average battery so it wouldn’t be a great option for a discrete smoker. The battery is too long and wide to put into a pocket, as many batteries are nowadays. Another issue I have with the product is the lack of a charger. Usually, most batteries come with a charging cord or, at the very least, an adapter so it can be plugged into an outlet to be charged.

Unfortunately, the GoStik only comes with a user manual; ensure you have one handy when using this device. Another downside to this device is the lack of a cartridge adapter. Any seasoned smoker knows that every cart doesn’t work with every battery. Sadly this battery does not contain an adapter piece so the smoker must make sure that the cart they use is compatible with the Go Stik. Another downside of this battery is its body design. The battery is mostly made out of a thin plastic material that makes the device more vulnerable to damage. It also gives the battery a cheap, smooth, almost toy-like feeling and texture. 

ccell gostik battery top

Gets the job done but there is plenty of room for improvement 

When it comes to using the battery, it definitely gets the job done. The Go Stik inhale operation system allows the user to get an even and smooth hit. It also allows the user to customize their hit, whether they want it at a higher or lower intensity. As far as improvements, CCELL doesn’t have to do too much to take this battery to the next level. Changing the material to a different material to make it more durable and give it a more polished look and feel. Another easy fix is to include a charging cord in with the battery. This would eliminate any guesswork for the user and allow them to ensure the battery is charged upon its first use.


Concluding this review 

The final recommendation for Go Stik would also be to add a cartridge adapter to give the user the confidence that they can use their battery with any cartridge they purchase. Overall, I give the Go Stik a score of 6.4 out of 10 for being decent and reliable, with some definite room for improvement.  The current price of this battery is $10.99. 

You can find out more about CCELL products here.

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