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This time we take a look at the Waxmaid Water Adapter Travel Pipe. Waxmaid is known for its smoking rigs and accessories built primarily out of silicone and glass. Waxmaid currently offers flower pipes, water pipes, reclaim/ash catchers, nectar collectors, grinders, and other dabbing accessories. Currently, the Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe runs for a full retail price of $23.99 on their website. We will detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. For this review, we will try the Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe to see if it’s worth checking out.


  • Solid design
  • Extremely versatile
  • Unique portability
  • Easy to use
  • Good taste


  • You can burn the silicone if you are not careful

Recommendations: None

waxmaid traveler pipe assembled


The Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe effortlessly turns any sized bottle or can into a makeshift bong or dab rig 

The Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe is a uniquely designed silicone water bottle traveler pipe. It’s extremely easy to use and surprisingly versatile. Also included in this kit is a 14mm flower bowl. It adapts effortlessly to any neck diameter that can range from 19 mm-39 mm sized wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, and soda cans. Just attach the included flower bowl and discreetly turn it into a portable bong with the flower bowl included in the kit. You can also insert any 14mm banger into the pipe and turn it into a makeshift dab rig. My recommendation is to use a 45-degree banger for this pipe, so you don’t burn the silicone by accident. Using this for herbs and extracts didn’t sacrifice the flavor too much either, despite being made of silicone.

waxmaid traveler pipe packaging

The easy-to-use Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe is versatile

One of the best aspects of this silicone pipe is its capability to have many different uses. In fact, the opening for this silicone adapter pipe can hold a small or regular size joint. The same goes for a pre-roll with a filter tip. Using the Waxmaid Water Bottle Traveler Pipe is very simple and effortless:

  • Remove the cap or lid to your preferred bottle or can
  • Assemble the required length of tubing which is included as part of the kit
  • Attach the entire pipe with its tubing to any 19 mm-39 mm bottle or a standard soda can
  • Insert the included flower bowl or preferred banger (45-degree banger recommend to avoid burning the silicone)
  • Inhale gently through the silicone mouthpiece

waxmaid traveler pipe disassembled

This silicone pipe is extremely durable and the maintenance is easy

The cleaning and maintenance are very easy. All the pieces are silicone and can be taken apart and soaked in hot water. Then wipe down the pieces after use and scrubbing the residue of the opening area with some dish soap. This silicone pipe is extremely durable as it can be cleaned in hot boiling water or tossed in the dishwasher. We don’t recommend using alcohol to clean the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece as it may be harsh on the silicone.


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The Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is practical for when you’re on the road

In total, the Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is an extremely versatile traveling companion that doesn’t sacrifice the flavor of your herbs and extracts. The Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is also available in 6 colors: rasta, red & black, pink & cream, blue/white/green, translucent orange and glow in the dark green. All six colors are available to purchase here.

Dear readers, have you tried the Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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