Wax Dispensaries : Who Has The Best Wax In California?

Wax Dispensaries
some pretty stable shatter

You gotta love those dabs! You can make them yourself at home with a straightening iron but it only works in small amounts. It’s much easier to head down to a local dispensary and pick up some shatter. But how do you find wax dispensaries with both quality and variety of product?

The Search For Wax Dispensaries And The Best Shatter

Weedmaps works well and they are to be applauded for the local dispensary search. Unfortunately, there’s no search function on Weedmaps for finding the best wax dispensaries and a search for wax on Weedmaps brings up only 5 results in California.

Weedmaps homepage and logo
Weedmaps is great for weed searches, not so much for wax

There’s no way only 5 dispensaries in the state have decent selections of wax. A deeper look into these 5 dispensaries reveals that they don’t all have good selections of concentrates despite having wax in their name.

To make the search for shatter easier, DabConnection will provide weekly profiles on wax dispensaries. Starting with the Weedmaps search for wax, Wax on Wax in Anaheim offers 35 different wax products and 65 extracts. The other Wax on Wax location in Santa Ana (which goes by WOW) has a small selection of shatter and extract by comparison.

Wax Dispensaries – Wax on Wax In Anaheim

Wax Dispensaries
Solid overall rating of 4.8/5 stars

Have you ever been to Disneyland and have you ever been to Disneyland on wax? Whooooaaaa. All kidding aside, shatter and concentrates are serious business at Wax on Wax in Anaheim.

Shatter & Dabs At Wax on Wax Anaheim

Solventless Shatter
Almost clear shatter

As mentioned, Wax on Wax in Anaheim offers 35 wax products as of the 28th of February. Clientele can decide on anything from Super Lemon Haze to OG Kush. A phone call to the budtender confirmed that these are butane extracted products as opposed to the solventless extract.

Prices range from $20 to $35 a gram. The budtender also confirmed that the most expensive wax is a higher quality product including a higher percentage of THC.

Concentrates At Wax on Wax Anaheim

Vape pen cartridge
Prefill cartridges are also available

65 different oils and extracts display for the avid vape fan at Wax on Wax in Anaheim. They carry different strains and oils from several companies. THClear, Supreme Extracts, and Arcade Extracts are among some of the brands they carry.

Cartridges range in price from $25 to $40 for .5 grams and different shatter oils are sold as well. Wax on Wax in Anaheim must need to invest in a new digital camera. They don’t have a single product image on Weedmaps.

Wax on Wax Daily Deals And Customer Reviews

The first time patient has 5 different deals to choose from at Anaheim Wax on Wax and they run daily wax and shatter promotions.

581 customers give Anaheim Wax on Wax a 4.8 star rating out of 5 stars possible. It took a jump to page 2 of Wax on Wax Weedmaps reviews to find a disgruntled customer (who still gave them 4 stars). Take a look at the result.

Wax on Wax Customer Review
The only valid complaint about Wax on Wax.

It’s a concern that the situation wasn’t handled well by the budtender but it is nice to see that Wax on Wax responded to the online complaint.

The Anaheim Wax on Wax Wrap Up

420 Spelled In Wax
What Time Is It On Your Wax?

The selection looks good and the prices are standard at Anaheim Wax on Wax but it’s a shame they don’t have images for the online window shoppers. Perhaps the camera will return from the repair shop soon.

Anaheim Wax on Wax appears worth the trip if you’re in the area. They definitely have a leg up on WOW in Santa Ana when it comes to wax and concentrates. Are there wax dispensaries with better solventless dabs and more variety of product? You bet there are and you’ll find them at DabConnection. Check back as we’ll continue to add profiles of the best wax dispensaries in California.



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