We’re back again with Vivimu, a brand we’re sure you’ve been hearing about a lot lately. Vivimu has set itself apart in being one of the pioneers of isolating alternative cannabinoids. Now that I’ve tried multiple products from Vivimu, I think that their focus is more on clinical safety and cannabinoid accuracy – which is commendable – but not as much on the aesthetics of the matter.

Since my colleague TR Sun has covered a couple of these items separately, I will lump the whole bit together in one review. We’ll be covering:

  • HHC Distillate | 5 G. $19.99
  • Delta 10 Distillate | 3.5 G. $24.99
  • CBG Isolate | 7 G. $34.99
  • Delta 8 Flower | 3.5 G. $23.99

Check out our full Vivimu alt-cannabinoids video review here.


  • Laboratory standards
  • Potency is top-notch
  • Effects are decent
  • Good documentation
  • Decent prices


  • Tastes are poor all around
  • Distillates have a petrochemical taste

Recommendations: Vivimu has the alternative cannabinoid parts down pat; what they could use now is a course in flavors and terpenes. So far the Vivimu flavor spectrum runs to the industrial solvent end.


Vivimu Offers An Alt-Cannabinoid Spectrum

We’ll zoom in on each of these in detail. One thing I note is that their bulk products come via MC Nutraceuticals, for their distillate and isolate. The delta-8 flower is Vivimu’s own cultivation.


Delta 10 Distillate – pick of the litter

The Delta 10 Distillate is a nice pliable wax that’s easy to work with and dabs with a vaguely fruity flavor. Its effects are potent, but Delta 10 by itself never feels like it wants to be the spotlight. Instead, Delta 10 feels like it activates better with another alt-cannabinoid to keep it company. By itself, it feels like Delta 8’s more potent, but more relaxing, cousin.


HHC Distillate – Tarry consistency and nasty taste

First off, the HHC was almost a pull-n-snap in consistency, like a shatter, and very hard to pry out of the jar with a dab tool. Heating it up always helps, however. The distillate is a dark orange color and the taste was that of petrochemicals. I’ve seen others note this with distillates before, and it’s apparently something to do with how the distillate is purged. The flavor is excess carbon. The HHC is indeed very potent, but tastes like licking asphalt and is harsh, even for HHC.


CBG Isolate – Pretty good for an isolate

The CBG Isolate is a white powder, with a flour-like consistency. Now, we do review a lot here at Dab Connection and have several reviewers trying to keep on top of this ever-changing industry. I say that in preface to the revelation that this was my first time using an isolate powder. I had the most success dabbing; it even crystallizes under heat. The CBG Isolate has a chemical taste, almost like a crumbled aspirin. The ideal scenario to use CBG Isolate is to mix it in with an oil tincture and take it orally. In any case, CBG by itself has little effect, but it works better as an enhancer to other cannabinoids. It is, after all, the “stem cell of cannabinoids.”

Overall, the Distillates and Isolates Get a “Meh”

I applaud the attention to purity and laboratory testing. It is important to keep those standards high if we’re ever going to conduct the great cannabinoid research project on a scientific keel. And indeed, we are talking about isolated pure alt-cannabinoids here, not all of which are as fun as THC. With that said, none of these felt like an ideal party distillate. They felt clinical, and the tastes were gross.


Vivimu Delta 8 Flower | Good Potency

I tried Sour Space Candy, which they shipped to me like this:

I must say, I’ve had weed in jars and bags and boxes and more, but this is the first time getting vacuum-packed flower. Boy, you can feel that TLC in the packaging, can’t you?

With that said, the sweet and tangy aroma was very well preserved, and the color sustained. On the flip side, the flavor was more earthy and duller in taste, with a bit of harsh, herby tint. Delta 8 flower is usually pretty harsh to smoke anyway, so this was just par for the course. Out of my great Delta 8 Flower experience, I’d rank it somewhere next to PharmaCBD for smokeable hemp quality.

According to Vivimu’s COA, the Delta 8 Flower rings in at 9.6% Delta 8 and some CBD and other cannabinoids besides. I could feel that potency, which isn’t the strongest I’d had, but still decent.

Vivimu is Good, But Not Outstanding

I would allow this (and apply this to every review on the site): The cannabis industry is in its pioneer days. We only started seeing widespread legalization in the 2010s, and now we have this spectrum of alternative cannabinoids and isomers and so on to test and try, one by one. So while many other brands out there might be tastier and be more attractively packaged, Vivimu is focused on lab-tested standards and clinical potency.

We might have to wait a few more years before they can do all this and put out a product with a bit more joy to it, too. Waddaya gonna do?

Find all Vivimu products here.

Readers, share your alt-cannabinoid adventures with us here in the comments or in our swinging forum.



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