You had me at Hello. Wow, TribeTokes! I tell my readers all the time that packaging matters. How a consumer “feels” about the product makes a difference in how they perceive its effectiveness.

tribetokes note

TribeTokes wants just an honest review

This package from TribeTokes surpassed anything I have ever received from a company wanting my review for their product. For the record, a client recently backed out when they realized I would give an honest review of their product, not a marketing promotion. Reviews are meant to be honest so sucking up to the reviewer doesn’t buy you anything. Treating a reviewer, like you treat your customers, however, does get you love if your company treats their customers that way.

The shipping box from TribeTokes had darling pink flamingos on it. It a simple thing, but it made my day compared to a cold brown box. The next layer was custom tissue paper with the golden TribeTokes logo lightly printed on it. Classy. These people are good.

The next layer was the products – a cool vape battery called The Saber and a full spectrum CBD cartridge. Along with the two beautiful products was a personal note inviting me to the Tribe, complete with xoxo and a hand-drawn heart. TribeTokes had me at hello!

tribetokes box

Built by girls. Powered by plants.

The next thing I did was consume the product regularly until it was gone. Now mind you my vision is challenged so I have to grab glasses or a magnifying glass to read these tiny labels. I didn’t until now. I just roared in delight when I read the box that the cartridge came in.


Built by girls. Powered by plants.

To Use:
Twist into the battery, inhale through the mouthpiece

Contents may result in happiness and relaxation.

You know what it did. The product is absolutely delightful. I love the taste, the subtleness of it – just a tinge sweet, but not sickening, fruity and light. And the packaging made me relax and smile before I even twisted in the cartridge.

The Saber is very cool. The cord for charging the battery is attached to the unit and disappears into the design as does the mouthpiece so it isn’t getting dirty in my pocket or purse all day. Very ingenious.

tribetokes vape battery

TribeTokes has a great website

The TribeTokes website is loaded with creative products, product information, and bios of the company’s management team. I assumed I was dealing with a small start-up because of the personal nature of the package I received. Boy was I wrong. The resumes of the two delightful women who signed my welcome card blew my hair back. These ladies could run the world with their collective skills but they are happy at TribeTokes.

I couldn’t be more impressed with this amazing company. The prices are very competitive, the packaging is giggle-worthy and the products are top-shelf. Thrilled to be part of the Tribe. Two thumbs way up!

tribetokes the saber

You can find out more about TribeTrokes products here. Have you tried them? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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