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Here we review the Linx Blaze dab pen. Although we’ve been probably hitting way more THC cartridges lately, we still like to hit dab pens especially with some good concentrates around. The Linx Blaze really delivered, it doesn’t hit super strong but it hits super smooth and has exceptional flavor on both atomizers.

On top of that, the build quality is excellent across the board which is expected from Linx. The only downside to the dab pen is the price at $135, which is quite expensive.


  • Exceptionally smooth hits
  • Excellent true-to-wax flavor delivery
  • High quality build
  • Quartz and ceramic atomizers


  • Expensive

Recommendations: A bit lower cost would be nice.

Linx Blaze’s excellent build quality delivers true to strain tasty hits

Linx Blaze carrying case
Here’s a picture of the Linx Blaze’s carrying case

I have to say Linx Blaze overall delivers a great wax pen experience. The higher price is the only downside.

That being said, Linx Blaze turned out to be a high-quality product. It comes with the following on the package:

  • 900mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Dab Tool
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case

Here we’ll go through the product in detail.

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The Linx Blaze design is simple, yet effective

Linx Blaze package contents
We see here what you get when you purchase Linx Blaze

The atomizers for the Linx Blaze are very well designed. The ceramic one uses a plate similar to that used in a KandyPens Prism but with higher quality construction. The quartz atomizer uses a cup, similar to what the old SourceVapes nail atomizers used. This turns out to be a very effective method of creating atomizers.

They are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They’re just making high-quality versions of technology that is already out there. This is very common when it comes to wax pens.

Most dab pen technology is recycled and improved. Linx has done a good job of improving it as much as possible.

The battery is short and fat, perfect sizing

The battery has a high capacity at 900mAh which is great considering the form factor. The battery is short and fat so it doesn’t take up so too much space in your pocket. That was one thing I did not like about some of the SourceVapes products before, the stick style batteries were too long.

By shortening and making the battery fat, the Linx Blaze battery fits really nicely into your pocket with an atomizer and mouthpiece attached.

How to use the Linx Blaze

Using the Linx Blaze dab pen is super easy. Just do the following:

  1. Charge the battery if it’s not yet charged
  2. Fill an atomizer with some concentrate (.1 to .25 grams)
  3. Attach the atomizer to the battery
  4. Click five times to turn on
  5. Put it on your preferred heat setting (Green, Red, or Blue), by clicking 3 times

Then you just hold the battery to hit and inhale. Like most ceramic and quartz dab pens, let the atomizer heat up a few seconds before you take your hit.

Linx Blaze is known for great build quality, nothing different here

linx blaze quartz atomizer
Close up of the quartz atomizer.

When you hold the battery and the atomizers and look at them, you can tell that these things are built well. Upon using them, you can tell further that these things are built well indeed. There are no off-tastes to this product at all.

linx blaze ceramic atomizer
Close up of the ceramic plate atomizer.

You will literally taste just the concentrate, which is exactly what it should be. On top of that, the battery feels very hefty and you can tell it is made well. Linx products over the past couple of years have been known for building high-grade products and nothing was different here. The build quality on this device is very reminiscent of the Puffco Plus.

Linx Blaze is super easy to use

When it comes to ease of use, Linx makes it simple. Everything is pretty standard here, you just need to press the button 5 times to turn the battery on, press the button 3 times to change the temperature setting, and everything else is a screw-on and it uses standard USB

Linx Blaze doesn’t hit super strong, but that’s not what it’s going for anyway

The Linx Blaze hits are not super strong. I would say that they’re not really going for strength either, they’re going for smoother hits. The ceramic atomizer will get you a much stronger hit than the quartz. However, these are all geared towards taste.

Even the stronger ceramic kit is not gonna be close to what a coiled atomizer is gonna hit like. However, given the purpose of it is for a taste, it still good strength. But definitely, strength is not a priority when they have made this wax pen.

Linx Blaze is extremely efficient

When we first used the ceramic plate atomizer, I thought we may get some wax going underneath the plate. I’m pretty sure that this happened on the Kandypen’s Prism atomizer, but this did not seem to happen on the Linx ceramic atomizer. The oil does not drip down in between the plate at all. It seems to cool there just fine.

On the quartz atomizer, it seems like a completely sealed bucket just like on what you will find on the Puffco Peak, but without the lawsuit. Efficiency is pretty much as perfect as you can get on this.

Linx gives you the 2 atomizer options that you want for flavor: Ace is quartz, Zero is ceramic

Linx Blaze atomizers
You get to choose whether you want to use the ceramic or quartz atomizer

The Linx Blaze is really geared towards more flavor than strength as we have mentioned before, and the atomizer options reflect that. They’re giving you a ceramic and quartz. That’s plenty of options and its better than being stuck with just one type of atomizer.

Portability is excellent, especially because of the short, fat battery

Since Linx Blaze is using this really short, fat battery and not a very long atomizer either, the overall portability of this device is excellent. You can fit it in your pocket with no problem and it’s smaller than a lot of wax pens. It actually reminds me of some of the ru Vape products that used to be around.

The Linx Blaze is fairly discreet, but some people might know what it is. More people are catching on to what dab pens are and cartridges as opposed that everyone just thinking they’re eCigs. However, the Linx Blaze is small enough that you can keep it very discreet without anyone knowing what’s really going on.

Taste is awesome, about as good as it can get

The taste of Linx Blaze is great. The taste is definitely better on the quartz atomizer than the ceramic atomizer but we expected that. Some people might prefer ceramic, but we thought that the quartz is tastes better even though the ceramic atomizer hit a little bit better. Nothing to complain about on taste, it really stays true to the flavor of the wax.

Replacements are a bit pricey

Linx Blaze manual
We can see the difference between the 2 atomizers included on the package

Replacements are expensive at $29.95 an atomizer. Another thing to note here is the internal bucket of the atomizer is not replaceable, so after a while, you may need to buy a completely new atomizer.

You may still get value out of it if you’re okay with using the same atomizer over and over again and considering that quartz really won’t retain that much flavor from the fire wax, you might end up getting your $30 worth out of that atomizer.

Still it’s a high cost is more than a lot of other products. So it does not score high on cost.

Expensive dab pen kit at $135

At $135, the Linx Blaze is expensive. I can’t say that it’s particularly that a great of a value with this high of a price.  I would expect the unit like this to be priced more on the $60 to $75 range. Basically, if one of the atomizers is about $30 and we get two, does that mean we’re paying $75 for a 510 threaded battery, case and charger? If so, that’s pretty a lot.

Concluding our Linx Blaze Review…

Linx Blaze in use
We can definitely say that Linx Blaze delivers when it comes to quality

Linx Blaze is a great quality product. It hits nice, it hits smooth, but the only problem is its very expensive. The replacement atomizers cost high, and the initial cost to purchase it at $135 is extremely high. Therefore, it’s really up to you if you think its worth to spend $135 on this. Personally, I think it should be priced on the $50 to $70 range, I believe that’s much a fair price and more comparable to other devices that is out there.

You can buy the Linx Blaze here.

What are your thoughts on the Linx Blaze? Comments or questions? Post your review below and comment below or in our forum!


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