Appearing on the cannabis scene in 2013, Gorilla Glue is one of the most in-demand strains. Also known as GG4 for “Gorilla Glue strain #4” and simply “Original Glue,” it’s popular for a sedating effect that goes heavy on the couch lock.

Gorilla Glue is the most popular Indica strain

An Indica-dominant strain, Gorilla Glue and its derivatives are known for a heavy, sedating effect with high potency. It’s regularly prescribed for anxiety, insomnia, and general nervous disorders. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery – you shouldn’t do that with any cannabis strain, but Gorilla Glue will remind you why!

Gorilla Glue was almost passed over

Gorilla Glue hails from the West Coast as an accidental strain produced by the late cultivator Joesy Whales. Originally discarding the plant after crossing Chem Sis and Sour Dubb, his colleague saved some seeds to experiment with the strain later and deemed plant #4 worthy of cultivating. The strain gets its name from the tacky trichomes which glue up your scissors or grinder when processing it for a roll. The strain is high in caryophyllene, with a pronounced peppery flavor.



It was a first place winner at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup 2014. The strain is Joesy Whales’ claim to fame, usually being mentioned among his top achievements. Today, it’s better know as “Original Glue” because it has begotten so many derivative strains, all of them sharing their ancestor’s relaxing properties.


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