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ROVE Live Resin Diamond Pods – Two Thumbs Down

If you're thinking about splurging on some ROVE diamond live resin pods, I'd say save your money and look elsewhere. Trust me, you won't be missing out on much with these.

Rove Diamonds Review – Exceptional and Delicious

Rove live diamonds are definitely worth a recommendation for their exceptional quality, extremely strong potency, and delicious flavor at a decent price.

Fake Rove Cartridges: How To Avoid Counterfeits

A rundown on fake Rove cartridges and how to avoid them.

Fake Cartridges Are Negatively Impacting The Cannabis Industry

Fake cartridges are negatively disrupting the cannabis industry. They are all over the place and a good reason to shop at legitimate dispensaries.

Stiiizy vs Rove Cartridge : Which vape cartridge will stand out?

Stiiizy Pen and Rove Cartridge are two of the most popular THC oil vape cartridge brands out today. We already have in-depth reviews of Stiiizy Pen and...

Brass Knuckles vs Rove : Vape Cartridge Showdown

Brass Knuckles vape and Rove cartridges have some of the strongest extracted cannabis oil. They are both available only in legal states such as...

Rove Cartridge Review : Thick Cannabis Oil With a Lot of...

Design is Made For Hard Hits, But Can Get Stuck The Rove cartridge review was pleasant because it discovered a really good product. Rove cartridges...