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Roam vape pens are recyclable dose pens. They have THC distillate that is extracted naturally from sun-grown cannabis cultivated in Santa Barbara California. The oil is purified, purged of solvents and blended with terpenes before going into a disposable vape pen. The pens are manufactured by Satellites Dip and they are currently available in Southern California


  • No clogging in the mouthpiece
  • The oil never splats through the chamber
  • The high is pretty intense and unique
  • Pen hits smooth and has thick smoke
  • Has a very discreet design
  • Oil has a very natural taste


  • The indicator light isn’t visible when taking a dose
  • Only available in Southern California

Recommendations: They should brighten the indicator light because I can’t always tell if the pen is activated.

Licensing Information:

Roam vape pens are excellent in quality overall

Roam vape
Nice Looking Pen

The pen is compact and discreet but also has a smooth design. These pens would be an above-average experience overall but the effects of the oil really make Roam vape pens exceptional. The high is unique and its effects are unlike other pens I have tried. For this review, I tested the Rio Soul blend which feels like an intense sativa.

The pen design and build isn’t entirely unique, but it’s still great

The entire body of my Roam vape pen is plastic. The pen is an oblong cylinder that is one solid pastel blue color. The tank is visible through an opening on the body just below the plastic mouthpiece. There is an ‘R’ printed on the front bottom of the pen. The body of the pen has a soft matte finish similar to Nuvata vape pens.

The Roam vape pen benefits from using a ceramic coil

The ceramic coil really preserves the quality of the distillate. Every dose of my Roam vape pen, from its first to its last, had a smooth clean flavor. The ceramic coil helps with burning the oil, and so the smoke never tastes burnt or bitter. It can also keep oil from bubbling into the mouthpiece keep he hits smooth.

The tank on this vape pen is larger than most other disposables

Most disposable pens are made with a quarter gram tank. A smaller tank allows manufacturers to keep pens compact and discreet. However, These vape pens have half gram tanks and manage to be smaller than some disposable pens on the market.

Roam Full Package
Lovely Packaging

Superb oil quality really sets Roam vape pens apart from others

The oil within the tank is a clear brown color and seems pretty thick. It vapes smooth and has a very natural fruity flavor without any bitter aftertaste. The oil isn’t harsh on the sinuses or throat and is very easy to vape. Like some cannabis companies, Roam has a blend of terpenes to achieve the desired flavor and effect. However, according to their website, the distillate in this pen has a blend of 40+ terpenes which is far more than the average.

This particular blend has a robust top-notch flavor to match its smoothness

Roam vape pens have a bold aromatic flavor that has a very natural quality to it. The distillate doesn’t taste quite as sweet as some vapes, similar to Dompen, but Roam’s is definitely bolder. The flavor of Roam vape pens makes it seem like I’m vaping a cocktail of fruit juices and it is delicious.

Roam Packaging
The CBD content is very good

Roam vape pens do not sacrifice potency for flavor

With THC testing at an excellent 81.7%, Roam vape pens achieve great potency and maintain a smooth taste. Also, on top of THC, the distillate tested at a superb 7.92% CBD  which is actually quite high. Most distillates have little to no CBD, however, Roam vape pens have double the potency of CBD heavy flower.

The terpene blend and high CBD content really make the high a strong and unique experience

Roam vape pens have a strong high that catches me by surprise. With an extensive blend of over 40 terpenes, these pens are a unique experience. The Rio Soul pen is definitely not for relaxing and unwinding. The high on the Roam vape pen hit very suddenly and gives me a strong urge to move or create something. I can get quite anxious if I don’t accomplish something or move around while under this pen’s influence.

Efficiency on the Roam vape pen is as good as it gets

This ceramic coil does a great job of sucking up every last bit of the distillate within the pen. Nothing sucks more than dose pens dying and leaving a large pool of oil in the tank. However, this particular battery lasted long enough for the coil to suck up every last bit of oil.

I would definitely buy this pen again

Roam vape pens are generally priced at 45$ which is an average price. Many disposable vape pens are around that price but they offer half the oil that Roam does. However, the super unique high on these disposable vape pens makes it a great value. I am curious about the effects of the other blends and I hope that they are as great as this one.

Roam Vape Pen Full Frontal
Sleek and Lowkey

Concluding my Roam vape pen review…

This pen has a half gram of superb tasting oil with a unique terpene blend at a great price. With a strong high and great physical design, this pen is a powerhouse in the disposable pen market. Although the distillates don’t taste like a flower, they have a clean and natural fruity flavor.

They have an average price tag, but the effects and overall experience really make it a great buy. You can find out more about Roam vape pens on their website and check for availability in your area here Have you tried any Roam vape carts before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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