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W Vapes is known mostly for what their name says, vapes. Here we reviewed the W vapes syringe that contains CO2 oil. It turned out to be an excellent quality CO2 oil with high strength. The flavor was good. Better than almost all other CO2 oils I have tried, except for what was found in 8 Fold’s vape cartridge. This syringe was purchased at Essence Las Vegas on the Strip.

W Vapes Syringe Review Rundown:

Pros: High quality, strong, surprisingly good taste, comes with syringe tip

Cons: Distillate tastes better than CO2 oil (reviewer’s opinion), tip of syringe should be threaded as it can pop off

UPDATE 5/9/2019: These have gotten even better and prices are lower at many places ($35-37 for 500ml). Value, taste, and strength scores increased.

W Vapes makes a mean, potent CO2 syringe

This syringe from W Vapes I tried was the Jenny Kush strain, a sativa dominant hybrid. This was one of the better CO2 oils I have tried in syringe form.

w vapes syringe review
Nice packaging. This oil had great coloring.

Packaging was very nice but a bit hard to open. I like that it is clearly marked CO2 oil so there is no guessing what it is.

Strong CO2 oil in the W Vapes syringe and the test results prove it

As you can see below, this W Vapes Jenny Kush syringe tested in at 84%. W Vapes had an issue before as seen in our vape pen pesticides and residual solvents test list on their California vape cartrige, but this syringe was from Nevada, where batch testing is standard.

w vapes syringe test results
W vapes test results were good on this syringe. 84% THC!

The syringe by W Vapes had excellent quality oil

You can see the oil in the pic below taken in lower light than the featured image shot. We cannot always judge concentrates by their look, but this W Vapes syringe hits as good as it looks.

w vapes syringe
Lower light shot of the W vapes syringe.

When burning on a joint the oil was smooth as well. The name is W vapes but you can pretend it is W Joints too.

Thanks W Vapes, we love syringe tips

It can be frustrating to get a syringe and not really be able to fill anything up with it because the tip is too blunt. W Vapes syringe tip shown below.

w vapes syringe tip
THANK YOU W VAPES! You included a syringe tip. Other companies should follow your lead.

The syringe would be better if it was threaded on the end like the tip is. W Vapes if you read this, please make the syringes threaded. Otherwise it can pop right off as you can see when I used it in our video on how to fill a CCELL cartridge.

Throwing in another in pic below of the featured image so you can clearly see it in the light. The look is awesome.

w vapes syringe oil
Looks clean and tastes about as good as CO2 oil can taste. Cell phone shot!

It was worth the cost, and lasted quite a while

I used the W Vapes syringe to lace oil on five joints and still had enough to fill up about 2/3 of a 500ml CCELL cartridge. The oil was thick and it lasted quite well.

w vapes oil on ccell cartridge
The W Vapes syringe in a newer style CCELL cartridge was better than their vape cartridge they sell.

On the back of the packaging it says not to eat it. I ate a little before reading this and it tasted pretty good, but I do not recommend eating it. Works great on joints too. See our distillate on a joint how to video. It also applies to CO2 oil syringes like this one. This would be a great oil to try in the Stiiizy vape. Not sure if it would be too thick and next time will try it.

w vapes syringe back of box
It says do not eat on the back, I ate a little. Tasted good.

In conclusion, I would get a W Vapes syringe again, but would probably go for a distillate if it was available and was something I knew for sure was good. But W Vapes CO2 syringe vs any random syringe, I am going with the W Vapes. Curious to test a distillate from W Vapes if I can find one.

What was your experience with W vapes syringes? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!



  1. I would give the brand a overall 8.5/10.. I think the package directions are a little off where it states .5ml 500mg/.1ml per serving for 5 servings total. That may be true for someone with a really, really super high tolerance to THC. Your average individual would have many more servings in that .5ml syringe especially if it is good like some of the ones I have tried of this brand. Companies that are not truthful about their testing numbers needs to get it together or get out of the game all together imo! I make my own distillate, C02 oil, waxes, and live resins for the last 3+ years. Going to be paying off equipment for years to come, but definitely 110% worth it! Having safe, clean concentrate is important and is what matters most of all. If you send 2 samples of the same batch of Concentrate to 2 different labs to have tested the numbers will be way off from one another. Many of the online CBD companies are using fake and made up labs. For example many of the CBD, THC-A, and Delta9 THC % numbers to name a few are way off from reality. It is just a matter of time before the Sh!+ hits the fan with all that dishonesty going on.

    • They improved the flavor a lot since we did this review even. There’s pretty much no CO2 after taste at all now I would give it another try!


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