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Today we will take another glimpse at Terp Hogz, this time at their fresh press live rosin. You can find our previous article review of their live resin sauce here. As the creators of the infamous Zkittlez (are we still allowed to say it?) strain, Terphogz is also gaining immense popularity for their recent collaborations with Friendly Farms, Field Extracts, and Seven Leaves. For this review, I will try their new fresh press live rosin which is now manufactured by Kalya Extracts.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Excellent potency
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Amazing taste


  • Can be slightly pricier than other live rosins

Recommendations: None

License information: C11-0001056-LIC

terp hogz emerald pineapple


The updated packaging for Terp Hogz live rosin is polished and classy

This week, I picked up their Emerald Pineapple fresh press rosin from the collaboration between Terp Hogz and Kalya Extracts. Not much is known about Emerald Pineapple, but it feels like more of a balanced hybrid strain. The packaging for their live rosin looks more polished and classier than their color-coordinated boxes for their live resin concentrates. Now their live rosin comes in a sleek looking white box with a glossy holographic design of their The Original Z logo, similar to the white packaging for Maven Extracts. The name of the strain is also conveniently printed on the bottom side of the jar.

terp hogz emerald pineapple top

The appearance of this live rosin resembles Kalya Extracts, 11:11 Cannabis Company, and West Coast Cure

The clear transparent honey-like appearance of this live rosin looks similar to most fresh press live rosin from Kalya Extracts, 11:11 Cannabis Company, and West Coast Cure. However, the Clemonadez fresh press looked slightly clearer and fresher than the Emerald Pineapple. Its smooth consistency was relatively easy to work with, once it thaws at room temperature after about thirty minutes to an hour.

terp hogz emerald pineapple close up

The flavor of Emerald Pineapple is tastier than Clemonadez, but not quite as tasty as ZMO

At first, there’s a slight hint of an herbal, minty, and piney scent, void of any pineapple scent. At room temperature, its soft taffy-like yet slightly brittle consistency was also similar to both of their Clemonadez and ZMO fresh press live rosins that I’ve previously enjoyed in the past. When dabbing this at the right temperature, there’s a sweet, floral, and spicy pineapple candy taste with hints of pine, earth, and diesel. Overall, I felt that this had a slightly more distinctive flavor than the Clemonadez fresh press live rosin. But note that their previously released ZMO live rosin was tastier than the Emerald Pineapple.

terp hogz emerald pineapple details

Slightly stronger than the Verde Cake fresh press live rosin from 11:11 Cannabis Company

The initially intense effects of Emerald Pineapple could be felt immediately in my face, right between my eyes. After the initial face melt, the balanced effects felt cerebrally uplifting yet physically relaxing. Whereas the effects of the Clemonadez felt mostly Sativa and the ZMO felt mostly Indica, the effects of this Emerald Pineapple felt more like a balanced hybrid between Sativa and Indica. The potency for both of their fresh press live rosin definitely felt even stronger and longer lasting than even their top-tier live resin with 99.90% total cannabinoids. This live rosin also felt a bit stronger than the similarly-priced Verde Cake fresh press live rosin from 11:11 Cannabis Company. 

terp hogz emerald pineapple label

Less pricey than 710 Labs, Rosin Tech Labs, and other Kalya Extracts collaborations

The retail price for Terp Hogz live rosin is usually around $70 for a gram, pre-tax. This was easily the best fresh press live rosin I’ve enjoyed since their previous collaborations with West Coast Cure. In my opinion, this is absolutely worth the price, which is lower than 710 Labs, Rosin Tech Labs, and other Kalya Extracts collaborations, such as Alien Labs. A little goes a long way with a dab or two! The potency felt rather strong with long-lasting entourage effects. This live rosin would be ideal in treating your depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and/or chronic pain. I preferred their Emerald Pineapple slightly more than their Clemonadez fresh press live rosin.


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Terp Hogz is highly recommended but their live rosin can be slightly pricey

In conclusion, the price for Terp Hogz live rosin may be slightly pricier. But its overall quality, potency, and flavor felt more than worth its value. Although it is categorically different, this also felt stronger and longer lasting than the live rosin from Maven Extracts and CLSICS. One of the benefits of fresh press live rosin has over cold cure is the fact that it can be dabbed with either a glass or electric nectar collector without sacrificing the flavor or consistency. Currently, you can find their latest drops in select dispensaries through California via their Instagram here.

Have you tried Terp Hogz live rosin? Let us know what you think in the comments or on our forum.



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