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[sc name=”AMP_Rating”]The King’s Pipe Glass Inline Perc Rig is such a potent and powerful rig, it always guarantees smooth yet powerful rips. King’s Pipe is an online Head Shop that provides quality and unique hand-blown glass using Borosilicate. Although this rig is not for a beginner dabber, it definitely packs a punch with an lasting high.


  • Sustains heavy temperatures
  • The perfect airflow
  • Made with thick glass


  • Overfilling with water will cause to drawback

Recommendations: Provide a dab catcher built on the up-stem of the rig. This can be very convenient for maintaining the rig clean.

King’s Pipe Inline Perc is simple, sturdy and easy to use

kings pipe rig
Built with sturdy glass, the King’s Pipe comes with such a simple and unique built.

This King’s Pipe rig has such a clean and smooth design, being very straightforward to use. Standing at 5 inches tall, this mini dab rig comes in a clear, lime green color and a rasta decal. It also comes with a built in inline percolator and a bent neck, being more convenient and efficient to smoke.

kings pipe rig
Their unique design allows dabbing easy and is a bit more portable compared to bigger rigs.

Another thing it includes is multiple merch products, stickers and a 14mm male flat top quartz banger nail. Overall, this rig makes dabbing as simple and potent as possible when used correctly.

kings pipe quartz nail
The quartz nail it comes with is great for any temperature dabs. It can handle strong heat and won’t crack easily from light impacts.

Its inline percolator gives such smooth yet powerful hit

kings pipe rig inline percolator
This particular perc really does give smooth hits with the right temperature, not too harsh on the throat.

The percolator that the King’s Pipe rig has provides amazing and maximum diffusion. For you dab fanatics, inline percolators are great for smooth and strong hits. The purpose of a percolator is to force smoke to travel as smooth and effective through the water. This helps with the filtering process and will cool down smoke when taking a dab off it.

Furthermore, this particular perc comes with multiple slits, which is the opening and holes inside the perc itself. Because of this, each hit will mostly be clean and will not drawback water or dabs what so ever. We found that the perfect amount of water to fill the rig is directly above the percolated itself. This gives optimal diffusion, bubbles and overall smooth hits. Filling water less than this will cause somewhat harsh hits and more water will just drawback when dabbing.

kings pipe rig
As shown above, we found this to be the perfect amount of water to put in the King’s Pipe rig.

Somewhat tasteful, but more for powerful rips

King Pipe’s inline rig may give some flavor hits when taking low temp dabs, but is preferable for potent hits. Because of the inline percolator, it’s meant for more cleaner and strong hits. You still will get most of the taste, but this is great for heavy dabbers looking to get baked.

Something I personally found difficult was finding a good timing temperature to take a perfect hit. Because I use cartridges more for its convenience, I’m not use to heating the quartz to get the most of my wax. But once you find the perfect timing when torching the quartz, each hit guarantees a smooth and clean punch.

Fairly efficient, but better for heavy and big dab hits

In my experience, I always tend to smoke more dabs with rigs than I do with a traditional dab pen. But this may be a great thing if you’re looking for a potent and quicker high. The King Pipe’s rig is amazing if you want a big and thick hit, or perhaps a snake line dab. Each hit may be smooth, bit because it packs a heavy punch it may cause you to cough heavy.

Overall, King Pipe’s inline perc rig is great for heavy and fat rips

As mentioned in the beginning, the King’s Pipe Inline Rig really isn’t for any beginner smoker. This rig is more suited for those heavy stoners who loves taking huge dab rips. Regardless of how experienced you are, I promise you will enjoy the high and experience of this rig!

The price of it is $89.99 along with free shipping, but you can get 10% off using the discount code DABC10! You can get yours here.


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