Goodness is a company making CBD wellness products. They boast “farm to nightstand” hemp products to aid in restful sleep. They have an on-site sleep assessment to determine your ideal formula, so that you can get a personalized dosage.


Goodness REST mist

I chose the Goodness mist 10ml oral CBD spray to review. I chose it because my teenage son has trouble consuming any pills and won’t do the oils often. I thought the spray might work for him.

Sure enough when it arrived he pounced on it and said, “This should be mine.” He had just been on a sleepless two-day roll and was desperate.

I tasted the product before turning it over. I thought it had a minty flavor or maybe tasted like a cough drop. I thought my picky, medically challenged teen wouldn’t like it enough to do it.

After having the product for a week his assessment was that it was definitely calming and restful but not enough for the level of his sleep problem.

Restful as promised

I then took the spray with me. I too was experiencing sleep problems. Normally, I smoke myself to sleep with marijuana, but lately I didn’t stay asleep long.

Like my son I found the Goodness mist flavor pleasant and noticed a calming of my being. I think it helped me sleep. We both experienced a “restful” feeling with the product as they promise. Not much else to say on that. Promised! Delivered.

Better than most CBD delivery systems

What I will say is that of all the CBD delivery systems so far, I like this mist the best. I tasted a few oils I really loved but the mist seems more effective (or maybe just faster?). I like the convenience of the smaller bottle for carrying with me and spray bottles make less mess than droppers.

Two thumbs up! My son and I both had a Good experience with Goodness mist.

Good job Goodness! (Too much?)


Denise Martin is a personal wellness coach and anti-suger crusader who has published a book on her journey to wellness – including beating cancer. Read all about her adventures at her site.


Comments on Goodness REST?

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