Stiiizy Pen and Rove Cartridge are two of the most popular THC oil vape cartridge brands out today. We already have in-depth reviews of Stiiizy Pen and Rove Cartridge individually. Here, we had a face-off of these pre-filled oil cartridges in this Stiiizy vs Rove match up.

Update 12/29/2018: Stiiizy has weakened considerably over the past few months. This review will be updated again in the future. See our best cartridges California post to find the best carts.

Stiiizy vs Rove Cartridge – Stiiizy Wins, But Rove Has Some Benefits

Stiiizy Pen vape cartridge overall score: 9.6

Stiiizy Pen review summary
High marks in a lot of categories for Stiiizy Pen.

Rove Cartridge vape cartridge overall score: 7.3

Rove Cartridge review summary
Rove Cartridge has great oil quality and strength, but low on other categories.

Stiiizy Pen Beats The Rove Cartridge And Had An Almost Perfect Score!

Most of our readers are looking for the strongest hit and good quality. Stiiizy Pen stands out and beats the Rove Cartridge in all categories, but Rove is still worth a try. It has thick cannabis oil with good quality and strength that has its own unique qualities. More information on Rove can be found here and info on Stiiizy can be found on this page.



  1. soo lame, you cannot compare reviews that are 3-4 years old with reviews from a company that is 3-4 months old , cmon bert, at least use reviews from the past 3-4 months for rove and alpine and brass
    disrespectful, your name must be bert

    • The site has not had reviews up that many years and both the companies are older than 3-4 months. You are right that this post does needs an update though. Stiiizy really has fallen off the past couple months. Have you tried them recently?


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