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Oil Quality
Number of Puffs

Game Time is a Nevada based THC vape cartridge brand. Our in depth Game Time cartridge review revealed quality distillate oil that is limited by the hardware it comes with. This same oil would be much better in an improved cartridge style.


  • High strength
  • Long lasting effect
  • Efficient
  • Excellent taste
  • High THC percentage
  • Lab tested pesticide free and solvent free


  • Cartridge airflow is restricted

Recommendations: Put this same oil in a better vape cartridge like an authentic CCELL. Make this same oil available as a distillate syringe.

Licensing Information: 1017567314-001

UPDATE 12/12/19:

And lo, it came to pass, in accordance with our recommendation, that Game Time switched to CCELL. We just got word of this development while tramping about MJBizCon Las Vegas. Now we will commit to an updated review, coming soon.

Everything is great about Game Time except the hardware

These Game Time cartridges proved to be an excellent quality oil. Testing came out great as you will see below. This cartridge is a perfect example of using slightly cheaper hardware that results in much less strength, similar to what we have seen on the latest versions of the Kabunky cartrtridge.

game time cartridge
The distillate in the Game Time cartridge had a great color to it.

Design and Build Quality: Built well, but airflow suffers

You can tell the cartridge is well built that comes with the Game Time oil. The cartridge seemed very close to an authentic CCELL, but was just a hair off. That hair off is on the airflow portion. The difference can be shown easily when comparing it to the Select Oil cartridge, which uses the same clear mouthpiece style cartridge, but an authentic CCELL.

game time vape cartridge airflow
You can see the left hole is flatter and smaller than the right hole. Left is Game Time, right is 8 Fold.

8 Fold’s cartridge gets awesome airflow on a very similar looking cartridge. Pictured above is Game Time on the right on a CCELL Palm and 8 Fold’s cartridge on the left. If Game Time used the same cartridge as 8 Fold, their cart would be on par with 8 Fold’s or Select Oil’s. Both f those brands use the authentic CCELLs.

To be sure it was not just the battery, I also tested out the Game Time vape cart on a Steamcloud Mini and the airflow was still restricted.

Oil Quality: High end as expected from AMA

The oil in the Game Time cartridge is made by Alternative Medicine Association, who also makes oils for Vader Extracts Nevada. To say I have never had a bad syringe from AMA would be an understatement. So far I have tried 5 AMA syringes and they have been top notch.

Strength is there in the oil, takes a lot of hits

Due to the restricted airflow many hits are required to get a strong effect. The strength is there. Just instead of taking 4 big hits on a regular CCELL, I have to take 8-10 smaller hits. It does not really waste more oil, just more of an effort to get the right effect.

game time vape cartridge test results
79.4% THC is pretty strong for the Game Time vape cartridge.

Game Time cartridge had great taste

Everytning about the taste was right. Good balance and not too much terpenes. I prefer more strength over more terpenes any day. Most distillates taste good without a lot of extra terps.

Cartridge was efficient despite its airflow issues

There was almost now waste by the end of the Game Time vape cartridge. It was efficient as far as not wasting any oil. It was innefficient as far as wasting your breath to get a lot of hits out of it because the air is restricted.

Number of Puffs was good, but for the wrong reason

You get a lot of puffs out of this cartridge. I would strongly prefer fewer and bigger puffs though. Points docked here because the reason for the higher number of puffs is not the reason a vape cartridge should score high in this category.

Value would be better in another cart style or if it was a syringe

If Game Time comes out with a syringe that has the same oil, I would get that even if it meant having to buy my own cartridge to put it in. Value is hurt by the overall experience, which has poor airflow. A little bit higher cost on their end for a better cart build would greatly boost the value of a Game Time cartridge.

In conclusion, their vape cartridge build makes me want to skip Game Time vape cartridges on the next round. I think in the long run they will switch to a better cartridge. Then we can change this Game Time review to a more positive one. The oil was definitely done correctly, the hardware is where it fails.

What do you think of our Game Time vape cartridge review? Did you have a different experience?


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