You might have seen a vape cart brand going around in plain white boxes with a generic-looking logo saying “Flavorz.” They persistently pop up on the peripheral of the vape cartridge market. We’re scoping this brand out to see what information there is about it, and it’s not much.

Flavorz carts packaging

Flavorz carts packaging

Flavorz carts packaging

No license found for anything named “Flavorz”

We came up empty searching at California’s BCC and CDPH license searches. That means that at least no company with that name is licensed to manufacture oil nor distribute cannabis products. However, this does not exclude the possibility of the brand being made or owned by a third party, which could have a license. It doesn’t help matters that the company isn’t very forthcoming with their information.

The “official” Flavorz website has little information

The website contains a scant amount of marketing copy, a short list of cartridge flavors including one called “Nerdz,” a shop with the standard hoodies and hats gear, and no company info beyond a contact for for an email which we reached out to quite a long time ago and received no response. They have a YouTube channel, but the only information there seems to have nothing to do with their own products.

They appear to sell pods, vape carts, and syringes. Their product page claims “lab tested,” but has no links to any lab test results. However, others have taken the liberty of testing a Flavorz cart, since they seem to invite such scrutiny…

A Flavorz cart purchased from a California shop tested dirty

This test shows a “Nerdz” Flavorz cart purchased from a storefront in California that was not BCC licensed. The cartridge tested above the legal limit for lead and for pesticides. Of the two, the lead is more alarming, as it can cause actual brain damage. This is just one isolated result from an admittedly unlicensed shop, but if empty Flavorz carts are being produced for people to fill with mystery oil, that’s just the kind of problem that calls our concern.

Shout-out to @TheDojaApp, vigilant testers of black market carts.

For the record, we’ve checked all the usual stops for empty Flavorz carts being sold online and haven’t found them yet. But this brand packaging looks very plain and should be easy to forge, so it’s a wonder if it hasn’t been duped already.

A lot of users ask about Flavorz out there and get not much of an answer

Reddit users:

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We also find them for sale online…

Flavorz black market online

Flavorz black market online

Flavorz black market online

So at the very least, we see these for sale on the black market.

There’s a couple Instagram channels claiming Flavorz

One, linked from the site, is “flavorzbrands,” but the other is “flavorzbrands.verified,” so now we have no idea.

Now for the weird wrinkle that pops up in every black market cart story… One of the Instagram accounts is promoting a new Flavorz cart line coming out that appears to be endorsed by a hip-hop musician.

Fenix Flexin Flavorz

Fenix Flexin Flavorz

We have of course seen celebrity endorsements on cannabis products before, but this seems odd. Fenix Flexin is a member of the hip-hop group Shoreline Mafia, big enough to have a Wikipedia page and be signed to Atlantic Records. We’re just not too certain this time whom is paying whom for this tie-in. It could turn out that the artist himself owns, or started, the cartridge company, or there’s an association? We’ve seen this symbiotic relationship before with Runtz and a rap group.

Possible Conclusions…

Flavorz appears to be a street brand operating without regulation in the state of California. Due to the consistent appearance, they’re likely a single-source, but the whole problem with unregulated brands is that we can never be sure. For what it’s worth, they do advertise large bulk quantities.

Flavorz package bulk

…that seems to be an awfully strange offer for a direct sale to end consumers.

Readers, share your Flavorz experiences or tips on tracking down an actual license for this story in the comments below or in our forum.


  1. I recently purchased one of these from my local street connection in Philly. I immediately felt as if though the potency claim was a sham, as I didn’t feel much effect as well as the flavor terpenes tasting too overpowering with the “berry blast” “strain”. Bottom line with a bit of research I came across this article and just recently downloaded the Doja App as per your mention. These tanks were tested as absolutely filthy. I am glad that I literally stopped using this specific tank after a few pulls just for my inclination and gut feeling and also because I will have a credit for another purchase. I’ve been debating whether to get a medical card for quite some time now, being as prices are usually more than the streets; however just on purity and cleanliness alone amongst a slew of other reasons maybe it’s my time to get official… I appreciate all your information and mission. Be well!!!

  2. I hope all is well. I’m looking for vape carts for sell. I’m getting a license but don’t have it yet. But, that can’t possibly stop me from enjoying bud. Right?

    Oh. I need a vape pen. A simple but good one. Any suggestions or links.

    I appreciate your help.

    Be safe.


    I can be reached by email…


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