As the age of information continues to merge with real product orders, regulations aim to restrict underage web use. Entrance to a vaporizer website requires an admission of legal age but purchasing product brings another set of concerns. Vape pen related website owners and operators face the same penalties for selling to minors as any regulated retailer. BlueCheck offers a solution with their age verification software, but does it work?

Website developers don’t want to end up in trouble but they’d rather not disrupt sales if they don’t have to. Then there’s the question of legitimacy of authorization. Responsibility lies with the website when it comes to underage sales so it doesn’t make sense to use a system that isn’t accurate. Discover the ins and outs of BlueCheck in this investigation and the true value of their service.

BlueCheck Age & Identity Verification Software & Services

What Exactly Is BlueCheck?

BlueCheck Company Logo
The BlueCheck Company Logo And Service Description.

BlueCheck is an internet based business that provides age and identity verification to online stores. They do this by means of software delivered through a paid application. The company uses Delaware as a corporate haven but is based out of Austin, Texas where they likely have a foreign qualification. Their service range reaches an international audience due to the purely online nature of the product.

BlueCheck adheres to age and identification policies set forth by the FDA as well as the Tobacco Control Act. The software also follows state specific rules and procedures. Websites already using or intending to use popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Magento have an easy transition. BlueCheck integration includes many top name eCommerce platforms as partners. As it stands, they serve over 250 customers.

The Way BlueCheck Works

BlueCheck Partner Examples
A Few Examples Of BlueCheck eCommerce Partners.

Once the integration with a website is complete, customers who want to purchase an age restricted product must provide proof of identification. Confirmed I.D. obviously reveals a person’s age. The software prompts would be buyers to provide information which is then run through databases for verification.

The software now allows users to adjust the settings according to FDA and state specific guidelines. Clients can set the program as they desire, requiring anyone under the age of 28 to go through a manual verification procedure or allowing everyone access to the automatic verification. The software is also designed to default over to the manual verification should anything hangup the auto process.

The automated verification system gives website customers the option to enter the last four of their social security numbers. Website owners can restrict this service to users over the age of 27. Customers that either don’t qualify for the automatic service or prefer not to give the last four of their social use the manual verification.

Manual verification requires submission of a valid state or government I.D. such as a driver’s license, passport, or military I.D. School or work I.D.’s and expired I.D.’s do not qualify. This system prompts customers to upload an image of themselves holding their valid I.D. and follows up with an email. The email either confirms the verification which places the order or asks for further information.

Most Common Questions About BlueCheck

DabConnection author Ana G. was able to reach a BlueCheck representative and conduct a short interview. The following text includes information from that interview as well as other frequently asked questions.

Is Identity And Age Verification A Requirement For Websites That Sell Tobacco & Marijuana Related Products?

Yes. Age verification is now a requirement by the FDA to purchase any tobacco related products, and although some people would find it annoying, it’s no more annoying than being carded to go into a club, or purchasing alcohol…

BlueCheck Frequently Asked Questions
BlueCheck Has Their Own FAQ Section For Curious Visitors.

How Long Does It Take A Customer To Complete The Process?

It usually doesn’t take more than 5 minutes (please make sure you have all proper documents ( Government issued id’s, in case you are not comfortable to type in your SSN).

Btw: the age verification is NOT a background check. We just want to make sure you are of age to purchase our products. THAT’S ALL.

Does BlueCheck Use Customer Info For Other Purposes?

We do not sell your information to telemarketers or any other website. It’s for the protection of our customers and you can read it in our Privacy Policies.

Is Customer Information Secure From Theft?

Yes. BlueCheck uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect customer information which is the standard 256 bit encryption accepted by online merchants today. In addition, restricted VPC encapsulation and a backup wildcard certificate protect user data.

Do Repeat Customers Have To Complete The Process Every Time?

No. You do it once. That’s all, five minutes, and you can make sure to receive our products in the privacy of your own home (signature required, of course).

So, in short: yes, age verification is mandatory. It’s a five minute delay on your purchasing our products. We want you to enjoy them as much as we do, responsibly.

What Do Customers And Companies Already Using BlueCheck Have To Say?

BlueCheck Manual Verification Prompt
Example Of The BlueCheck Manual Verification Prompt

Customers don’t like having to spend an extra five minutes verifying their age and identity as can be seen in the comments on vape forums all over the web. This seems like usual behavior anytime new compliance laws apply. Websites don’t have a choice but to verify so the complaints don’t carry much weight.

Complaints about how the service performs do carry weight and online feedback suggests a less than perfect integration on some sites. Customers have mentioned issues in just about every system involved in the verification process. Users also claim that the plugin verification popup can be bypassed by simply closing the plugin. It doesn’t seem like anyone but website administrators would have access to that ability.

How Much Does The Service Cost?

BlueCheck partners with many eCommerce platforms and websites that use these pay a $250.00 licensing fee. Websites that don’t use these partner services must have a private consultation to discuss solutions and price. On top of initial costs, BlueCheck charges a fee for each transaction.

Thoughts And Opinions


BlueCheck Accepted Forms Of Identification
Acceptable and Illegitimate Forms Of Identification Required For The BlueCheck Manual Verification Process.

The service is far from perfect, but for the time being appears to be the best solution for website FDA compliance. The nearest competitors have only a 60 percent verification success rate. Company CEO Alex Zeig addresses concerns on Reddit and remains active in developing the company.


Two major concerns that rise above the din are the interface problems that occur in customer and company reviews. Some customers report success in manual verification then get an email asking for more info. Complaints that the emails are unclear about expectations appear in these reviews. Customers also say they’ve had to redo the whole process every time they try to purchase which isn’t how the app should work. Companies also voice concern that customers without cell phones cannot complete the selfie with I.D. requirement.

The Wrap Up

BlueCheck leads the way in solutions for websites that must comply with new FDA I.D. requirements, at least for the time being. The request for the last four social security numbers is not ideal, but quicker for the customer than any other feasible system. Reports that BlueCheck is falsifying FDA requirements is not true. They are for real and any website selling to a minor risks the brutal penalties that come with these crimes. Unless and until a better company comes along, BlueCheck is the best answer for identification compliance.


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