G Pen Gio is a popular format vape pen that is now used by a variety of cannabis brands. The pods can be refilled and in this video below we cover the steps to refill G Pen Gio pods. You can use a distillate or CO2 syringe to refill the pod.

Soon we will have a G Pen Gio review up covering everything on it top to bottom. See our G Pen Gio cartridge breakdown to determine if it is something you would like. The burned wick might scare some people off, but I would still use the Gio again if there was a particular concentrate brand I wanted to try. Remember to hit the Gio lightly!

See our guides on refilling Stiiizy pods and filling CCELL carts as well. Both are better options than the G Pen Gio.


  1. I have the rubi too i really like the rubi have only tried pax the rybi and the geo pen. The pax i liked until i tried the geo g pen and the rubi is like the pax in away but better because you can refill the pax you cant i like the geo pen as well seems smoother then the pax more seems like good quality too. I have tried the other pens with carts and not pods but i like the pods better.

  2. I can’t get the mouth piece off is there another way to fill it I tried and tried to get it off but it’s like impossible for me. I like making my own oil and really would love to refill using my own because I love the gio but it’s on so tight that not sure I can get it off with out breaking it. If someone does know another way please let me know or send me a video on how to do it. Thank you so much for this the gio is really good device better then the pax and I loved the pax but I would pick the gio over pax.

    • Unfortunately the refill portion is under and to the side of the mouthpiece, so there is no way to fill directly.

      It is very hard to get the mouthpiece of but I would use two sets of plyers and you should be able to do it. You might crack the plastic top a little bit but its not a big deal it will still work fine.

      Overall though you should see our G Pen Gio breakdown. You might not like it after that. I recommend using a CCELL cart setup or, ALD Vfire, or get a Stiiizy pen. See our guide on refilling Stiiizy pods. it is better than the Gio if you want that style.

  3. I’m am now able to refill and fully disassemble the GIO Pods and make the coils! I also will make a video soon on how this could be done. Thank you!

  4. Hey i found a better way to fill the carts.
    Usea a blunt tip like you had in the video, insert it into the mouth piece at an angle so you are up against the inner wall.
    Push all the way down and move the needle back towards the center while gently pushing down.
    The needle will move the plug to the side and allow you to refill the cart.
    I use straight RSO in my tanks.
    And remember kids, Sharing is Caring. GO JOE!

  5. Very impressed! I was wondering do you have any spare G Pen Gio empty pods you would like to get rid of I would pay you.

    • Unfortunately we cannot ship these kinds of things since they still have residue. I tried to find blanks as well online and could not. If you do come across them though please do post it up here, thanks!


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