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Ease of use

This was a nice transition to dabbing for someone who is used to only bongs, pipes, and vape pens. Most dabbing equipment looks overwhelming when you’ve never used one before, but the straw was simple. The Lookah Straw is much sleeker than most dabbing equipment and it is very discreet and compact.


  • Easy to take apart to clean
  • Price
  • Carrying case/stand (weighted)
  • Quick high


  • Metal grip heats up after two hits
  • If not careful, can suck up the wax

Recommendations: Put a silicone grip over the metal so it doesn’t burn the user.

lookah straw

Beware of Burn

When I tried out this pen, it took a while to heat the titanium, but that can be said for other equipment that uses this method. What I absolutely did not like was that after one hit the metal that surrounds the glass and acts as a grip, got pretty hot. By the second hit, the metal was burning my fingers. 

As for how effective it is, it is very effective. Because it isn’t electric and is a burn, one hit and you are feeling the effect immediately. I call that a win considering how many times I have to hit my vape pen to get the same effect.

There were a few times that I would try to do more than one hit and when I would put the titanium piece on the wax, it would actually pop and go up the glass pipe as hot wax. Made for an unpleasant experience breathing in a little fireball. 

lookah straw parts

Packaging: Compact and Discreet!

I was very surprised that this was a dab pen because I’m used to seeing electric ones and how bulky they are. Not only is this the size of a vape pen, but it also has its own travel case. The travel case is also discreet since it only has the name Lookah on the front and inside. The case comes with an extra glass piece in case you break it, a screw-on tip to prevent wax residue from dirtying your pocket/purse, and a stand to let it cool down in between uses.

It is a traditional dab device that will require you to carry a torch and wax (the non-discreet part). 

lookah straw details

Concluding this review

If you are looking for a stronger hit using wax that is compact, then I believe the Straw is for you. The price of this is $37.99.

You can find out more about Lookah products here.

Have you tried Lookah Straw? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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