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I’m calling it now: The dry herb vape market is saturated! We seem to find no end to the choices out there. Luckily, the Linx Eden Switch, at $115, does have an innovative feature to set it apart. We have reviewed Linx products here before, several of them, in fact. Linx is a well-seasoned, experienced company which has tightened down their design with every new product.


  • solid build
  • nice range of accessories
  • easy to use
  • innovative dosing capsule system


  • airflow and heating seem a bit slow

Recommendations: None! Linx can almost do no wrong in these parts.



Introducing Dosing Capsules

The kit with three dosing capsules are sold separately, but one capsule comes included in the Linx Eden Switch. These are nothing more than little quartz cups, which fit inside the oven chamber. You replace the capsule inside the Linx Eden Switch and screw the retainer and mouthpiece back in place. You then use it like any top-loader pen-grip dry herb vape.

The retainer keeps the capsule snugly in place so that you can dump out the load when you’re done just like any other vape, and reload it just the same. The purpose of the dosing capsules is to keep the vape unit itself clean!

Now, we can see where steady, continuous use of a vape will get it gunked up with oils from your herb, no matter how fastidiously you clean it. Alas, we are too busy reviewing products here to use the same vape for long – I do have one I’ve been using steadily but no real build-up yet. But there are daily vapers out there who count on one vape at a time. Vapes do build up oils which run down into the unit and clog it up, and take on a vaguely fried-chicken smell over time. So the quartz dosing capsules prolong the life of the unit.

Warning: Dosing Capsule is Hot After Vaping

The Linx website and marketing materials suggest that you can keep several dosing capsules loaded to switch loads on the go. However, you should wait a few minutes after a vape session before changing the quartz dosing capsule, because it does stay hot for a bit after being heated to some 300-400 degrees. Common sense.

The extra dosing capsules, sold separately, come in a small rubber case similar to contact lens cases. Inside, you can pack 3 capsules and conceivably seal the lid on the case to keep the capsules from spilling, but you’ll need some dexterity to transfer these in and out of the Eden Switch on the go. Best to treat it like a standard vape and just refill the capsule inside the unit when you’re roaming about.


Everything Else is Pretty Standard

5x clicks on, 5x clicks off. 3x clicks cycle the temperature between one of four settings. You don’t need to hold the button to vape it, it’s draw on demand. However, you can hold down the power button while drawing to activate “power boost mode,” which adds another 20 degrees to the oven’s heating anyway.

The unit also comes with a bunch of accessories. There’s replacement filters, a cleaning brush, a branded and very nice USB cable, and a rubber sleeve that fits over the whole unit, for protection. The LED display, a row of bright dots, can be dimmed with a single-click stealth mode.

I think the Linx Eden Switch seems to take a second longer to get heated and a second longer to draw due to the quartz dosing capsule. This isn’t really a drawback, merely a matter of waiting that extra second and drawing a bit more forcefully. The airflow is fine, but you have to remember between the oven chamber and the dosing capsule, you’re drawing through two surfaces instead of one.

The mouthpiece unscrews to reveal a spring plunger and filter on the bottom, which fits against the capsule. You have to be careful taking this off, because the spring may make it pop up a bit when you first un-thread it.


The Eden Switch is Another Winning Linx Device

On our, what, sixth Linx review here, we see a consistent standard of quality and manufacturing across the Linx line from their earliest model. Add to that the Eden Switch, a solid unit that delivers clean vaping and an easier unit to maintain.

For $115.99, this still beats many vapes on the market. Find the Linx Eden Switch here, and watch this tutorial video by Linx Vapor on using the features. Readers, drop us a comment in the comments or a post in the forums to discuss Linx products, vaping, what you do with your already vaped bud, or comment on our mascot cat (name is Riddle, shelter rescue, ’bout 9 years old) or whatever else is bubbling on your mind.


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