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Here at DabConnection, they’ve had your humble author off on a grinder tangent for a while. Most of these have ended up in video form, since there’s usually not that much to say about an herb grinder. But we’ve been going along finding more and more elaborate designs, so our review coordinator was naturally prone to ask, “What’s the limit to how over-engineered an herb grinder can get?”

This is the limit. The HØJ Klip is as much over-engineering as you can possibly cram into a grinder. Now on the hand, this makes for a very good grinder. But at a site-listed price of $179, it’s also out of range for what most of you will spend just to chew up some bud.

NOTE: I mispronounce the company name in the video as “hodge.” It’s Danish, and HØJ is pronounced more like “Hoy,” rhyming with “soy.”


  • Built to last!
  • Full magnetic parts
  • Changeable screen for different grind consistencies
  • Properly a “slicer” not a grinder
  • Easy maintenance
  • Finest-sift kief screen I’ve seen


  • The price
  • A bit more features than most of us will care about

Suggestions: I know the exchange rate between Denmark and the US is an unavoidable difficulty, but the price tag takes the Klip out of consideration for all but the highest-end users.


The HØJ Klip is Built To Last!

The first thing that impressed me about this absolute unit of an herb grinder is the weight. Between this and the Magic Grinder I reviewed a while back, it feels like there’s an arms race for the heaviest grinder. First, we have this shell around it, a plastic dome magnetically attached to a cork base. Get used to those magnets, because we’ll be seeing a lot more of this. The unit comes apart into four main sections (and maybe some 20 individual pieces in full), and everything is magnetized to stick to everything else.

Like the HØJ KØL Mini 2.0 Pipe we just reviewed, the Klip has a lifetime warranty. I do not doubt this unit’s structural integrity, because it feels like you could smash a Nokia phone with it. Inside, you have never seen an herb grinder like this.


Breaking Down the HØJ Klip

First, we have the major sections: The cap, the blades, the herb cup, and the kief bin below. The screen between the herb cup and the kief bin is an incredibly fine mesh, so I’d expect it will separate only the finest trichome dust. Note that when you take the cap off, you see the trefoil blades right there, at the top. You load the little nuggets of herb in the holes between the blades (I demonstrate in the video). Note that we’re not grinding with meshed teeth like in typical grinders, but slicing the weed up, more like a food processor.

AND the screen just below the blades can be changed with the spare screens you find nestled in the secret cork compartment. So you can adjust the grind this way to large-grain extra chunky or sandy-fine.


Every part of the Klip is solid and built to withstand your heaviest grinding. Using it is pretty nice, the blades cutting without too much effort. I have to say, this is overall one of the nicest grinders I’ve ever used.

Is the HØJ Klip Overkill?

When I said “peak grinder engineering,” this really is the limit and maybe we could have taken the evolution of the humble grinder back a couple of steps. I don’t know what some of you are up to out there in Internet-land, but around my digs, we grind weed mostly for bong loads. You don’t need to grind too fine to smoke a bowl, and occasionally you might just plop a whole, un-ground chunk of weed into the flower bowl like a savage heathen. I’m also not as obsessed with kief – it comes, it goes, I dump some into a bowl when I want it extra stony.

I will grant you that this is $179 worth of grinder, almost definitely the last grinder you ever need to buy, ever ever. I can certainly say that this is the highest end of luxury grinding. But it’s not that much nicer than your more standard $40 tooth grinder. Or even your $60, slightly more sophisticated tooth grinder. Even the $40 ones are going to last a while. You don’t need grinders to be bullet-proof unless you do a lot of grinding under fire.

Find the Klip here, and it’s up to you from there. Readers, do you really have high-demand grinding needs that aren’t met by the average hardware? Share your kief-dusted ruminations here in the comments or in our schwag forum.


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