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Guest Posting on DabConnection

DabConnection accepts guest posts from certain writers covering relevant topics. We do not offer sponsored posts, paid links, paid placements or any favorability in reviews based on payments or providing products for review. Advertisers also do not obtain any favorable reviews.

Any product or service on DabConnection is reviewed strictly on its own merits. Additionally, should a product be improved after our review we will update it to reflect improvements.

Guest Posting Guidelines for DabConnection.com

These are the basic requirements for a guest post on our site:

  1. The writer must be a cannabis user or a scientific expert in the field
  2. The writer must be based in North America
  3. The topic must be related to cannabis concentrates
  4. Links must be only to the highest quality content with benefitting the reader in mind
  5. No religious, sexual or political topics

If you meet these requirements feel free to send us a guest post request. Please include in the email the following:

  1. Name and company you work for
  2. The topic you intend to cover
  3. A basic summary of the content
  4. Sites you wish to link to

Email your guest post request to community@dabconnection.com. We receive many guest post requests, but someone from our editing team will get back to you within a week.

Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee your post will be approved. DabConnection Management still reserves the right to unpublish or modify any post.