As followers of my reviews know, I love the packaging. And according to Doctor Emoto, author of, The Hidden Messages in Water, what we say around fluids and the words on a water bottle affect the properties of the fluid in it. So, therefore, packaging actually matters on a vibrational level. These Savage CBD products have a great vibration if you are into such things.

savagecbd line up

The packaging puts a smile on your face

I love the packaging on these Essentials by Savage products!!! I love the company logo and the details of what appears to be hand-drawn art on the labels. The first time I saw the bottle, I smiled. Every time I see the bottles I smile. There is lots of cool art and information on the packaging.

I received the 300 mg Full Spectrum CBD Lotion – Lavender and two 1000 mg tinctures, Peach Pear and Lemon Lime. Flavor-wise I loved the Peach Pear. Not sure I would have been able to call it Peach or Pear without the label but no matter – it is delicious. The Lemon Lime definitely has a kiss of lemon and lime – quite nice but I had already fallen in love with the Peach Pear. If I had to choose? Definitely team Peach Pear! 

The products arrived at a perfect time for Essentials by Savage. I just relocated to Arizona and have been living on sunshine and coffee for two weeks. I am a prune.

So I wish I had made a before and after the video for you. When I rubbed the delightfully smelling lotion on my arm that looked like a cracked sidewalk, it instantly transformed my desperate skin. And the lavender is still wafting over me a few minutes later. This product is a keeper for me. It will stay on my makeup table for constant use until it is gone. It feels smooth on my skin, not oily.

savagecbd lavender lotion

Products are created in an earth-friendly way

As for the tinctures. I have gotten some positive results from every CBD product I have tried. My health issues are always about dehydration, and quality oils always help. So it is about choosing a product that I like and will faithfully consume. And I only choose products that are created in an earth-friendly way. Essentials by Savage is dedicated to managing its environmental footprint. Good on them.

Some of the CBD products I have reviewed have just kinda slipped from my consciousness after I filed my review. Others I liked so much I am digging in my purse hunting, hoping there is one more dropper full to be had. CBD doesn’t work unless you take it religiously, which means it better be pretty darn tasty and easy for me.

The Lavender lotion and the Peach Pear tincture will be riding with me until the last drop. The Lemon Lime is very nice. I’m just not attracted to Lemon Lime flavors in general. If I was – this product is a lovely blend of both. The price is competitive. We all have to invest in our health. This is a good investment.

Great job Essentials by Savage! Tell the artist I love the labels. And please tell the grower the Lavender is amazing. Two thumbs way up!

You can find out more about Savage CBD products here. Have you tried some of their products? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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