Elevate CBD is one of the trusted brands in CBD products. Here we review Elevate CBD gum. Consuming CBD by way of gum is a fast way to get some quick relief. Not as effective as vaping or lozenges, but convenient. This Elevate CBD gum review reveals a quick fix for pain.

Standard Looking Gum – With CBD

elevate cbd gum
Looks like a standard pack of gum.

Elevate CBD gum was very easy to review. I chewed it and felt the effects pretty quickly. I take CBD for pain issues and have to say it was effective. It was not as effective as the Elevate CBD lozenges though. They were the most effective CBD item for instant relief.

Relief In This Elevate CBD Gum Review Was Not Long But It Did Work For Quick Relief

The paint relief from the gum was a quick fix. It feels like a lower dose than other CBD products from Elevate I tried. If you need something right away it does the job. Vaping CBD is my usual method of ingesting CBD. After trying the lozenges I prefer that most of all. I would use this come occasionally if I needed something fast, did not have lozenges, and could vape.

What Is In Elevate CBD Gum?

Take a look at the picture below for a complete list of ingredients.

elevate cbd gum ingredients
Not tons of ingredients, probably a good thing.

Elevate CBD gum has standard gum ingredients with CBD oil added. Sorbital is the standard main ingredient in gum. Stevia is used as a sweetener. Natural terpenes are also added to help taste.

CBD Gum Taste – Aight, But Was Not Expecting Much

The gum does not taste great or terrible. I kind of take this as a good sign it has a decent amount of CBD oil. Given the other ingredients are comparable to other gums, the CBD oil and terpenes are what are giving it the soso flavor. I did not expect great flavor out of a CBD gum so was not surprised here. Not a big fan of edible tastes either.

Where To Get Elevate CBD Gum

Elevate CBD gum is available on this page on Elevate’s website in an 8 pack and 20 pack.

In conclusion, doing this Elevate CBD gum review revealed a good quality gum with ok taste and decent strength. It is not as strong as the Elevate lozenges, but better than some other CBD products I have tried.


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