Merry Christmas from Denver! It was a wild holiday season for me, but my days were made much brighter by the gift of a care package from Eighty Six Brand, the maker of numerous THC analogues. I was truly impressed by their range of products- there were gummies, candies, rice Krispie treats, and sodas, all ready for me to indulge in! Still, we have to start somewhere, so today I’ll be reviewing their Delta-8 gummies.


  • Concentrated (500mg per pack)
  • Body-centered high
  • Great for sleep and heavy relaxation


  • A bitter aftertaste that seemed to linger in my mouth
  • Can be unexpectedly strong if you’re not familiar with Delta-8

Recommendations: Some improvements to the aftertaste would be great

eighty six brand gummies

Props to Eighty Six Brand

These gummies were conveniently packaged, although I always wonder whether it would be possible to switch out the plastic. I was pleasantly surprised to find a QR code on the back that led me to the test results from this batch of edibles. It’s currently a wild west out there in terms of regulating THC analogues, and it was comforting to be able to see that I was actually ingesting what I thought I was ingesting. Props to EightySix for taking the high road and looking after their customers.

The aftertaste can linger for hours

The edible itself was a fairly standard circular gummy. Since I didn’t know how to dose Delta-8, I was unsure whether to take half and wait or to just go for the whole gummy. Although 50mg sounded like a lot, I happily took the plunge for you, my dear reader, and took the whole thing. As I bit into it, there was a decent berry taste that I was satisfied with, but nothing special flavor-wise. After a few minutes, I found that there was a bitter aftertaste in my mouth that didn’t want to go away. I washed it down with some water, but I found that the taste lingered on my tongue for the next few hours.

eighty six brand box

Nice high for a delta 8 product

Within a half-hour, I was coming up pretty rapidly, and it felt like a classic Indica high. My eyes went droopy, and I felt warm tingles washing over my body. I could immediately tell that I had taken a fairly large amount for my current tolerance, and I was a bit anxious about the full peak. I retired to my bed and enjoyed the relaxation and warmth that the body-centered high gave me.

The full peak came about an hour into the experience, and it was an intense one. I fully admit that I took a bit too much, but I found that my headspace became very spotty. It was difficult to put words together in a sentence, and I made my partner repeat herself many times to get her points across. I believe that this was a consequence of the dose- I’ve since taken a half-dose and felt mostly clear-headed. Still, I caution you to start slow! You can always take more, but you can never take less.

The effects last for 3-4 hours

I was pleasantly surprised with the longevity of the high- I felt strong effects for a solid 3-4 hours, and a lingering high up to the 6-hour mark, when I re-dosed with some classic THC gummies. The spacey feeling never let up, and I was certainly very sleepy the whole time. My partner noticed the same sleepy effect and is now using these gummies for her bedtime treat.

eighty six brand details

Concluding this review

Overall, I would recommend these gummies for anyone looking to get around those pesky drug laws and have a THC-reminiscent high. Delta-8 doesn’t seem that different from Delta-9, and these gummies pack the right punch to silence anyone who says Delta-8 is milder. It bears repeating- watch your dosage. Just because you’ve smoked a lot of weed doesn’t mean you’ll have a high tolerance for this! Still, I had a great time with these gummies and drifted off to sleep in minutes when I finally laid my head down.

You can find EightySix’s Delta-8 Gummies on their official website here.

Have you tried EightySix’s Delta-8 Gummies? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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