These have been one of the big fake brands of vape cartridges plaguing the market. We’ve mentioned the rash of Cart Toon cartridges going around, but Springfield Farms seems to be a point we have to hammer home. We see reviewers hold up the packaging saying “This is dope, it’s got Homer,” and then cough and retch saying they don’t like the way it hits. There’s a connection between those two points.

Springfield Farms does not have consistent oil because it’s just packaging

Springfield Farms cartridge
It looks like it uses a clone of a CCELL M6T. The same one used by Select Elite.

Hence there’s no way of telling what’s in there. There could be variables regarding any one of:

  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • potency
  • purity
  • fillers

Check our THC cartridge test page and you will find that even regulated brands have issues.

Some of those carts tested dirty for up to five pesticides. This should make anybody soberly reflect on what else could be going on when the product makes it so obvious that it’s a poser brand.

When the Springfield Farms packaging maker labels cartridges “indica” and “sativa,” that’s pretty presumptuous. There’s no control, no regulation, and the empty packaging can be bought by anybody. You’re doing better than average of the majority of the liquid in there even came from a plant.

Varieties of Springfield Farms carts that we’ve seen:

  • Bubblegum Kush
  • Lemon Cake
  • Super Green Crack
  • White Rhino
  • Pineapple Express
  • Mr. Nice
  • Thin Mint Cookies
  • Candyland Cookies
  • Sour Alien
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Sour Skittles
  • Blueberry AK47

Could be mixed with eCig ingredients

Often unregulated cartridges can be mixed with polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. There might be some plugs out there putting top notch distillate in their carts too. However, if the oil seems really runny and moves quickly when you turn it upside down, it is likely mixed with something besides THC oil.

Springfield Farms packaging

Springfield Farms packaging

Springfield Farms packaging

Springfield Farms packaging

By the way, these are not to be confused with the old Bart carts, another fake brand we’ve covered before:

Bart cart is a similar fake brand

Of course, these Springfield Farms carts are likely inspired by those.

Have some respect for The Simpsons at least!

While we’re grumping about these, we don’t take exception to the copyrighted characters on these very often. But just this time, speaking as cartoon geeks and Matt Groening fans, these packages are insulting to The Simpsons‘ franchise. It’s obvious these were designed by people who had never seen the show.

Not to mention we award no points for originality. Bart Simpson has been getting ripped off for drug packaging since the blotter acid days, as shown by the ancient Ents at Erowid.

Readers, have you encountered Springfield Farms carts?

We like to stay on top of these and track how and where they spread. So if you’ve encoutered these in the wild, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments, as always.



  1. Do you ever think that nothing with the Simpsons brand would ever be making weed products or even mario.. come on now .. that a big red flag .. it’s a no from me

  2. I have a cart that’s Springfield farms. it’s a hybrid. it’s a push button box and it has Maggie on the front. 1.1 grams and 90% thc, it’s super dark. I haven’t ever seen one so dark. Should I be concerned???

  3. I got L.A. Conf. And it’s making me cough quite a bit, not even really getting stoned, but I live in KY and it’s all anyone has, even good bud is rare in my city.

    • That is indeed an outrage and exactly why cannabis packaging laws make it illegal for the packaging to target kids! Thank you for being an alert parent and we hope for your child’s safety. I would definitely notify the school, they can at least warn other parents and conduct a clean-up search of the property.

      Our blog post here is badly dated, but we should make clear that there is no “company,” instead these carts are made in black market factories in China and shipped here.

  4. Atl ga..recently bought a springfield cart about a month ago, used it everyday. After a couple weeks, my taste and smell messed up and now the only thing I can taste and smell is the cart and it’s been going on for weeks now. i DO NOT recommend investing. Be careful with them I haven’t heard of anyone having the same problem, but it’s possible you could too.

  5. I happen to have the push button box with Bart on the front holding 2 joints!!! It says Springfield Exotics and the flavor is Hawaiian Runts…. Fucking FIRE As HELL!!! Definitely worth getting if you can get your hands on one! And if not wellllll….. Hit me up!

  6. My cousin got a box of LA Confidential, has Bart with sunglasses and in a tux on the front, and says Indica. Says 90%. Approximately two hours after her first hit, she started having an extreme headache, bodyaches, fever, severe coughing, sob and wheezing. The next day,she went to get tested for covid, because..what else could it be? She tested negative. So then she thought smoking a little would make her feel better, hit it again and on came the symptoms again. A friend pointed out it could be the cart. The next day, all symptoms were suddenly gone. The cart was the only change. She says she’ll stick to regular weed from now on.

  7. 478 here (Middle GA), all we have are rove carts (horrible) and these are the go to option for most people around here. Always get you high and don’t taste burnt or fake like the other ones do

  8. I just got pineapple Express Hybrid and it’s very smooth oil is thick tastes amazing, it came in a box with Wiggam and 2 other cops eating donuts

    • Yes I got the pineapple express n jellybeanz want again but its pricey n no cough for me at all I also use the delta 8 those make me cough

  9. I just got pineapple Express Hybrid and it’s very smooth oil is thick tastes amazing, it came in a box with Wiggam and 2 other coos eating donuts

  10. Springfield farms carts are about the best around whoever wrote this post must be smoking crack, ive smoked an seen thousands of these move through here in ky an there all straight fire especially if you can get 1 of the exotics

  11. I’ve got a Springfield Farms push button box. Marge is holding Maggie on front of box. Says it’s ‘Jellybean’ hybrid, 1.1 grams, & 90%+ THC. The oil seems thick and after 2 hits I’m ripped. Smells fruity and doesn’t taste bad.

  12. I just bought 30 with 8 of the different flavors so far the bubble doesnt move almost at all when you flip em.. they are all very smooth in taste and strength and the only sign i can see that lets me know they are fake is that the air bubble varies in size… no complaints so far.. all my people love the scented packaging and scratch off qr code almost as much as the carts themselves..

  13. Athens GA here. The Springfield farms stuff is all my guy gets. Didn’t know about the bubble test. Will have to try that out next time. Works for me and never any downside that I’ve noticed.

  14. I got one. The qr code takes you to a site ( It tells me mine is real, idk if that means anything. Mine has a CA warning symbol. 1.1g. Very candy taste, like smarties or a sweet tart. Is there anyway to tell if mines legit or even somewhat safe? Oil seems to be close to disp. grade, isn’t runny and seems thick. Taste didn’t throw me off because I have a disp. grade pen that tastes like an orange buffet.

  15. Ive only had them come in the box never a vacum seal pouch everyone i had was pretty good quality really thick liquid and got me ripped as fuck

  16. Augusta ga, we just had a big supply move through augusta. So dar i really like the thin mints. They get me high and taste good!!

  17. Southeast Alabama here and theyre everywhere. Been aroubd for a long time ive been saving packages ever since i first started fucking with carts almost 2 years ago and i have a gallon sized zip lock slam full! The Springfield Farms started in cardboard boxes, then sealed packs,now we see the higher quality boxes with push button on the side. Dank carts wers around for a while too but died out. Seen a few other brands too. Also seeing 1g pre rolls sealed in cigarillo type packs and Cookies brand flower sealed in blue packs by the 8th…I love em all 😁

  18. Just got a sweet lemoncello it taste just as described hint of lemon and cherry got me feeling nice with just 2 hits but still it sucks that its fake. wish we had better here in GA.
    Best i had was rove, stoned after first hit but haven’t been able to get my hands on those again.

  19. Just got an Orange Cookies cart… took 5 hits and I’m good. I didn’t cough as much with this cart as I did some other brands. The taste was fine and almost had a orange taste to it. The oil is thick it t ages well over a minute for the air bubble to travel to the opposite end of the cart holding it upside down. I live in eastern central Alabama. Between Birmingham and Atlanta.

  20. I got superglueberry with Bart on box also hard pink box with yellow pushbutton slide lock and hippy crippler same type box sideshow Bob on front both labeled hybrid… These are working great for me..good flavor, no burnt tire taste or smell.. near Ellijay,Ga

  21. I’m in Atlanta and until someone wants to bring us some better options, this is what is flooding the market. Yes they are obviously fake, but we (I) don’t care if it’s available, gets me stoned discreetly, and I have yet to hear any negative reviews other than taste. No adverse effects that I’m aware of. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the information from pros in legal states as well as those who have done their due diligence. I would love an alternative but it is just no available. To anyone reading this, there is a HUGE market down here and Springfield Farms is getting all the business so someone PLEASE, give us another option!

    • Thanks for commenting! It’s good to hear at least what has been there has been good. Hopefully, they are using good hardware as well, which is another concern even if the oil is good.

  22. People stop being a dumbass. Go to a dispensary website & look at the packaging. Not one legit cart had stupid looking cartoon characters. They are basic packaging. Also, there is not a legit cart in any dispensary with 90% THC. Don’t believe me. Look it up and educate yourself before you get a bad one & fuck yourself up. In summary, no legit cart has cartoon characters or has colorful Packaging like these and there is not one cart out there in any dispensary in this country that is 90%. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that is 90% THC a dab would probably be your only option and even then it’s probably around 80%.

  23. They kool…, BUT BLACK MARKET AND THEY ACTUALLY THINK THEY ARE A TOP-NOTCH FARM, lol they act all stuck up like their shit don’t stink! Way better carts out there and when you hit a cart and it burns your nose THERE IS A BIG FUCKING PROBLEM! Reg flower never does that only a copycat cart Co called SpringfieldFarms it should be called “SPRINKLE US WITH SOME KNOWLEDGE” weak growers weak farm weak carts and that burnt rubber comment was on point💪 SpringfieldFarms needs SHUT DOWN SELLING THIS FUGAZI ASS SHIT!

  24. Im in atlanta, i just got some too. They get me high but they taste like burnt rubber when you smoke em. Have decided if they are legit or not. Hoping for the best lol

  25. everything is fake nothing is real can we all shut the fuck up and get stoned and quit fighting like a bunch of stuck up bitches we all need to be together to help to get legalized in all 50 states

  26. I live in the Atlanta area, specifically Acworth, Ga. I just received a Savage OG Springfield Farms cart and it is not disappointing.

  27. Just purchased a Springfield Farms cart and packaging was phenomenal. If it’s fake they go thru a lot. It says super sativa, 90% thc and no vitamin e acetate, whew i guess that’s b good. Box was pink with a yellow button on the side

  28. Such a bummer to find this information. I received two Super Green Crack carts with Homer on the packaging box. My friend who gave them to me is a pretty dang savvy smoker and shared with me the research regarding the carts. He’s also a close friend. We are in an illegal state, TX and apparently he and his fam feel comfortable enough with this brand. I just finished up a California Concentrate White Widow which he provided me. I enjoyed this cart but it is also apparently fake. I am also very new to cart vaping. Started earlier this summer with legal carts from Denver. I got into research mode and at this point, I am not entirely positive that the testing results he shared with me were based on this cart. I don’t believe for one second he shared some fake testing results to goad me into feeling comfortable vaping these. I haven’t tried them at this point, since I want to have another chat with him about these Springfield Farms carts. He has been enjoying carts for a significant amount of time, he’s a new dad and I just don’t see him as someone who would just smoke since it’s all he can get his hands on. I appreciate the feedback here, it’s helpful for newbies like me. But, now I’m more confused than ever. One eye-opener is that the so called twitter account branded on the packaging doesn’t exist. Sigh. I wish TX would get their collective shit together and legalize this already. Thank you for the forum and information folks. I keep looking for more info and put these guys on hold for now.

  29. Springfield farms carts are in southeast Tennessee white rhino taste just like pinesol. Ive tasted a few like this but never that strong

  30. Simpsons would NEVER licence a product like this!!! Are u freaking kidding.. These packages are not sealed on top, u don’t need to tear them.. It’s only zip lock closed.. These packages are available for anyone to buy online for like 10-30 cents each. So whoever u buy this cartridge from, filled it themselves with god knows what.. This is how people die or get sick.. If the package doesn’t have company info or website to order or review products… Then it’s fake!!!

  31. That’s what we’ve been seeing recently in our illegal state. I’ve been using their Sour Alien as it’s supposed to be good for pain and it has been a game changer for me. Def helping control my pain when mixed with my daily CBD regime. Due to never going to a legal state I have no way of knowing what to look for but they’ve been working well for me. Obviously with everything that’s hit the news recently I’m concerned as hell now and will probably just have to go back to vaping regular flower instead of carts but they sure were convenient and nice while they lasted.

  32. I’ve tried them…also from a illegal state. They are not what they are cracked up to be. Could be a chemical mixing your brain up.

  33. I have 5 now and they were fine until one broke- common of all carts I’ve had to have at least one stop working. I was researching now to see if they did have additives so I could reclaim the oil from the broken one- white rhino , which is always my favorite.
    I am also in an illegal state so I take what I can get… but I can also attest to the comment above about these being in a different package (box with warning and not a bag).
    It also says on the box- non gmo , organic, no pg, vs, or peg. Knowing you can put anything on a box, unsure if I should still trust the oil.
    My one and only complaint is the thc is only 90% on all of the ones I got- but I suppose that’s a personal issue not a company issue. They do have a Twitter I’m about to fallow- @springfieldofficialcart – maybe I’ll get some answers there.

  34. Ive got 2 in now jilly bean and hippie crippler. got a nice high and I am an all day user. the 2 flavor wise was pretty similar. as I live in a illegal state we don’t have many options but ive seen a few fakes hopefully bruh ends up with some good product!

  35. I bought one and it is literally nothing like what you’re saying it came in a box with labels warnings and California certification stamps the liquid is dense and the bubble takes about 45 seconds to even get from end to end it hits smoothly and has a great herbal taste like it should and smells like straight bud when you exhale and u could clearly see the cart from a slit in the side of the box exactly like other trusted thc oil brands like dank and king pen

      • I just got a thin mints 2 days ago and it taste pretty good and I get good and stoned off 2 hits, and the oil looks good and it’s dense. I’m a several times a day smoker for pain and would really love to get my hands on real certified carts but I’m in a illegal state and I get what’s available here. I’ve also had dank vape, King pin, and a ass load of unmarked clear tube packaged carts that some have been labeled as medical cannabis oil with 79% to 85% thc levels and I couldn’t tell if they were fake or not.


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