Today’s mystery street brand vape cart is California Confidential. This is one that’s been popping up around the web, it’s time to take them down.

We find California Confidential in all the usual illicit places

One place we’re definitely not finding California Confidential is on a legit business site. The top hit is a Reddit post where several readers report them in Atlanta (as in Georgia). There was another sighting reported on Reddit nine months ago.

California Confidential fake

If you check our handy-dandy Cannabis License Directory, you’ll see that Georgia state does not have ANY licensed cannabis facilities to date, so there’s no question about it. Any THC vape cart within the state boundary of Georgia is there illegally.

California Confidential fake

Here they are in a YouTube review. The cart du jour is called “Hippie Crippler,” a name we hope will not be prophetic should somebody vape one and become one of the two thousand hospitalized, or thirty-nine dead, from vaping bunk carts.

California Confidential fake

California Confidential carts are turning up on sketchy online sales sites.

Let’s talk about that logo

California Confidential uses a logo with linked C’s that is itchingly familiar.

California Confidential Chanel logos

Well, that’s where you’ve seen it before! The Chanel logo, with the linked C’s standing for Coco Chanel, the French fashion designer and… well, let Wikipedia explain the rest.

California Confidential fake

The street cart market tends to go for the most colorful strain names, we notice.

California Confidential shows up in list of brands reported by stricken patients


In fact, that whole list is unregistered brands and some counterfeits of real brands we’ve been talking about on this site for years now.

Have you encountered a California Confidential cart?

Let us know what you came across. Post in our comments section below or in our forums.




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