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This week, I had the chance to review the Sandwave battery by CCELL. This battery has been one of the best batteries that I’ve personally used in my history of smoking. It’s accessible, very portable, and user-friendly, which makes it an amazing battery in the eyes of its competitors.



  • Inhale activated
  • Accessories included
  • Travel-sized
  • 3 heat levels


  • Can drain cartridge fast on High Mode, hard to see cartridge through window

Recommendations: None – but widening the viewing window couldn’t hurt.

sandwave box

User-conscious and easily accessible

My favorite thing about the Sandwave was how user-conscious and easily accessible the battery is. All of its information, details, and accessories are listed clearly on the back for the user’s convenience. This battery is a variable voltage 510 thread battery, making it very powerful and versatile. Another feature that I loved was its matte, ribbed design. Not only did it make the battery very aesthetically pleasing to look at, it allows the users to have a secure grip on the device and prevent it from slipping. Another perk of the Sandwave’s design is its size. The battery is petite and compact, which allows it to be more portable and more discreet. It also is small enough to be used and hidden in the user’s entire hand.


3 heat settings 

The high setting on the Sandwave can burn very hot quickly and cause the user to go through the contents of the cartridge faster, while 3.6V may be too high for some oils like rosin, which can overheat the cartridge and affect its taste.

The power light can use some tweaks 

Even though the Sandwave is an amazing battery, it still isn’t perfect. One of the main downsides to the battery is the power light. It’s nearly impossible to see the light while using the device, so it can be quite difficult to tell if it’s dead or if it’s not working at times. Another downside to the battery is the voltage. Unfortunately, though very potent, the high setting on the Sandwave can overheat the cartridge and affect its taste. It also can burn very hot quickly and cause the user to go through the contents of the cartridge faster.

Despite this battery’s amazing qualities, there are still some very minor recommendations that could be made to take it to an even better level. Changing the location of the power light somewhere more visible to the user so it can be seen during use would be an example of a very minor change that can be done to improve the product. Although it is impossible to see all the oil, Sandwave is well-balanced in user privacy (palm-fitting) and user-friendliness (oil viewing)

sandwave details

Concluding this review 

All in all, CCELL Sandwave is at the top of lists for Best Batteries with its user-conscious design, sharp appearance, and innovative features.

You can find out more about CCELL products here.

Have you tried this battery? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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