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Got our first look today at some Delta 10 disposable vapes by Cake (Cake Distro) out of Orange, California. Thanks to my friend and fellow head, Ben Chu by way of Dab Connection. Much appreciated! Thank you both!!!


  • The battery component appears rechargeable via a micro USB (not included).
  • The mouthpiece is very comfortable, doesn’t seem to get sticky with use or leak/spit oil out of it.
  • Packaging is easy to read and as a bonus appears recyclable. Which is good for the environment! Too many Cannabis brands rely on bulky plastic packaging.


  • Horrible flavor. Not as bad as the old-school cotton wick carts that tasted burnt.
  • Mouth, throat, lung irritation.
  • Cake, at the very least, didn’t pay for anything other than Cannabinoid analysis or doesn’t care if their end product is clean. At worst, the COAs are fake. Even IF regulations don’t require it for Delta8/10 products, consumers deserve that peace of mind.
  • Little to no effect whatsoever.

Recommendations: Be careful with these carts- The oil in them is a mystery.

cake delta 10 carts

First impressions are VERY mixed

I’ll be frank, my first impressions are very mixed. The large stylized C reminds me a lot of the brand Cookies, as well as the Vitamin E cut carts that were landing people in the hospital circa 2019. 

Packaging consists of a no-frills paper/cardboard box. A holo/foil ‘sticker of authenticity/QR’ acts as a seal for the top of the box. Scanning this brings up the Cake page with some numbers and a button to check authenticity. No COA for any products can be found on this page except edibles. Holes, where round, plastic childproof measures would normally be, are replaced with flimsy tabs that don’t even hold the item in or fit into the round holes in the other box. Once the tamper seal is removed, a slight press-up on the bottom of the inner box easily defeats whatever childproofing the tabs supposedly offer.

cake delta 10 qr code

Red flags all over

The COA or ‘Certificate of Analysis’ is a printed on QR code. Which if you know anything about Cannabis products, is a HUGE red flag. Unless the company is printing packaging for each strain batch after COA results. Otherwise, as they say, the cake is a lie….

Upon scanning the QR code it downloads a PDF file with a COA from Accurate Labs, based out of Florida. No tests for heavy metals or any contamination are listed, only Cannabinoids. Another red flag in my book. Anything that I put into my body that is cannabis-derived I want to check for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and other contamination.

Given the fact that Delta 8/10 is usually synthesized vs being extracted from plant mass, due to their low naturally occurring amounts; a lack of testing for residual contamination is very worrying, if not a place to pause and say, should I be using this product?

cake delta 10 unit

The ol’ college try

Seeing as the brand is supposedly legitimate, we are gonna give it the ol’ college try.

This is a Delta 10 product that contains some Delta 8, CBD, and CBN with trace amounts of Delta 9 (<0.3%) per the packaging (in compliance with Section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill). It is flavored with non-Cannabis-derived terpenes using either botanical or synthetic instead. 

We sampled the Birthday Cake (Indica), Gorilla Glue (Hybrid), and Super Sour Diesel (Sativa). 

Each looks pretty much the same color, and consistency; your typical clear, thick Delta 8/10 distillate. All 3 had a similarly sickly sweet start to the hit/smell followed by a more ‘ strain-specific flavoring. In short, they all taste like pure vape juice, but less glycerin-sweet with their own twists.

cake delta 10 bottom
Cart bottom

Birthday Cake

Almost immediately after inhale I noted a very unpleasant tingling on my mid tongue, the roof of the mouth, and the back of the throat. I vaped off and on for about 15 minutes. Very astringent, harsh back of the throat resulting in coughing fits and a sensation of irritation in my lungs. At the end of the 15 minutes, I noticed my nose was running a lot, I was sweating as I’d just run a mile in the heat, and I had a headache building.

So we put this one down to maybe it being the botanical/synthetic terps not agreeing with me. The flavor is very sweet, some vanilla or something trying to mimic it initially, but that morphs as you inhale and exhale. It takes on a spicy, unpleasantness. Like Chloraseptic throat spray. Didn’t feel anything but my lungs burning and the throbbing headache. Not even a tickle of a head change, or any discernible body effects. 

A few hours later after my headache went away…. 

a few moments later

Onto the Gorilla Glue

Citrus, pine, and that same soapy, Chloraseptic, chemical flavor. It tastes wrong. Not as harsh on the tongue or throat, but still made my lungs burn with the fury of 1000 Suns after a 10-15 minute session. No discernible effect is other than that.

As of finishing this review, I tried the Super Sour Diesel because I figure I might as well try all three types….

cake delta 10 front box

Super Sour Diesel

It tasted absolutely horrible. Like burnt, sweet rubber and citrus. No Bueno. Tried it out of my dab piece to see if the water filtration would help (fits a 14mm just right), but alas I only ended up choking from the larger hit. No effects to be felt here really. 

cake delta 10 back box

Concluding this review

Conclusion – you’d be better off researching wholesale Delta 8/10 sellers online, buying that and mixing in your own terpenes and dabbing that, or making your own carts given the choice vs hitting these Cake branded disposables.

Researching further into the brand brings up multiple lawsuits, other red flags. One suit based out of California;

(Behind a paywall so here’s a copy/paste of the article on Reddit), and Delaware. Allegations of IP theft, back-alley dealings, wholesale counterfeit operations

When digging a little deeper I find that their address doesn’t seem to house their business. That coupled with less than thorough COAs leads me to label these as a hard pass. 

Due to the effects on my person and the suspect nature of the brand due to empty packaging, carts, batteries, other branded items found readily on many websites, I cannot in good conscience recommend these. 



Pete here!

First, I’d ask that you readers all join me in welcoming Bob to our cannabis product review pool, with this knock-out entry!

Second, we are indeed researching the odd story of this brand behind the scenes. Sure enough, Cake vape copycats abound on DHGate and the usual suspects. On the other hand, somebody is going around filing lawsuits about this brand, and that indicates there could be an original owner. We’re reaching out to them through every channel we have and will follow up this post when we have the whole story.

Readers, if you have any clues to toss us, we’re all ears here in the comments or in our kush forum.


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