It was 420 and my boss at Dab Connection hooked it up for this holiday, thank you, Bert! One of the items I got was the cured resin Mochi Black Label. I’d never tried a cured resin in my dabs before, so what fun. I found the product easy to work with as it was of good consistency. I used it in my e-dab rig. The burn was smooth, not a cough really, which is nice for a change. It did not take many pulls to feel the effects of this product. And once the high set in, it was not going any place for a while. I did notice that my e-nail did need to be cleaned after use, so it’s not like sugar in that respect. The flavor was very rich too, distinct and more in-your-face than other products. I did not mind this as it was very pleasant.  


  • Attractive package
  • Glass jar, child safety lid, like all the rest
  • Nice color
  • Fast high that lasted a while
  • Great taste, very fruit/citrus-like, yummy


  • Slight residue on my e-nail, no big deal

Recommendations: None

black label brand front

This cured resin was right up my alley

The bouquet of flavors this cured resin gave was something like a fruit cocktail dominated by lime. It was quite good, to say the least. Cured resin Mochi Black Label had me wondering about the name, but I guess we all have our own taste and smell. I’m not sure what I’d name this unique flavor, I don’t get Mochi, but that’s me. Over all the profile was fantastic, the high was great and for $15 it was amazing, a great deal, and great fun. I hope they have this on special again soon, I’d like to get some more soon.
  black label brand batter

Black Label did not let me down

Seeing as this was a deal for 420, so cheaply priced, I figured they were just clearing the old stock and what’s not selling. I was greatly mistaken indeed, the cured resin Mochi batter was of the highest quality and is something I’ll pick up again. I’m still a bit newer to live resin and things of this nature, but I’m learning fast what I like and don’t like, and this I like. On low heat it seemed to last a long time on the e-nail, giving me confidence that it’s a good product.  I did however find that I needed to clean my e-nail more frequently. I’m not sure if it’s the Live resin or the brand that does this, so I will log and keep track if this is a running theme. It was not bad, so quick to clean up, but sugar left nothing and no clean up.

black label brand top

Great value, of course, it was on sale!  

I feel that this was a great deal and not just a dispensary clearing its old stock. They came out on 420 shining with their best products on sale, this is not how I’m used to sales running for deals like this, so what a great treat it is to see things done the right way for a change. There is a reason I made CuraLeaf my go-to dispensary of 2022 and why they are working on keeping that rank in 2023!
black label brand details

Will I be using this brand again soon? 

I sure do see the value in the product. And on sale for 420, it’s got an even bigger value to me. Who doesn’t love a sale? But to get a high-quality product like this for $15 was the deal of the year. Normally it’s $30, and that in itself for how long this lasted me, I’d do it again, even at $30.

You can find out more about Black Label products here.

Have you tried this Black Label cured batter? Please let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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