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Today I will take a look at a couple of concentrates from 101 Cannabis Co. I tried this brand earlier this year from Kush Alley. I really enjoyed the taste and potency of their Purple Wookies budder, but haven’t had any available in my area. Then, a 101 Cannabis Co. representative dropped off a gift that included these two concentrates, one Sundae Driver budder and one Citrus Skunk crumble. Recently, 101 Cannabis Co won 1st place OG concentrate at WeedCon for their Skywalker OG crumble. I will discuss the pros and cons of both these two concentrates.


  • Great taste
  • The crumble was one of the best I’ve had
  • Very smooth 
  • Affordable prices


  • Average strength/effects for Sundae Driver

Recommendations: The Sundae Driver budder was sadly lacking in potency and could be stronger and tastier.

101 cannabis co boxes

Citrus Skunk is my favorite of the two choices

Of the two concentrates, the Citrus Skunk crumble is my favorite. You can take one look at this Crumble as it is obvious why they won for OG concentrate. The Citrus Skunk crumble is one of the best crumble I’ve had recently. Citrus Skunk is a cross between Citral and Skunk #1. Upon opening this jar, this one has a sweet, earthy, and skunky aroma with creamy hints of lemon, citrus, and pine, Its taste is sweet, tangy, and creamy with hints of lemon, lime, and citrus. This is easily the best one I’ve tried from them this year. Its potency feels through the roof and feels cerebral, focused, and energetic and is perfect for creativity. I used this during the day and as a wake and bake, but it is best used for anytime.

101 cannabis co unpacked

Sundae Driver was sadly lacking in potency

Sadly, I thought that their Sundae Driver budder lacked some potency compared to Citrus Skunk crumble. Sundae Driver is a cross between Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie. It has a sweet, gassy, and earthy aroma with hints of nuts, chocolate, and grapes. The taste is similarly sweet, gassy, and nutty with a creamy, earthy vanilla finish. Although I enjoyed this one, it lacks potency and could be stronger. This one wasn’t as potent as the Citrus Skunk crumble and the Purple Wookies budder that I had earlier this year. I used this during the evening, which was great for unwinding and relaxing while lifting you up. 

Citrus Skunk was tastier and more potent 

The consistency of the Citrus Skunk crumble is like a soft, buttery, and honeycomb-like appearance and texture. It is extremely easy to handle and dab with as well as loading it on top of a bowl or sprinkle into a joint. Easily my favorite of the two, I can recommend the Citrus Skunk crumble for its taste, potency, and smoothness.  It was perfect for my High Five Duo, where I could adjust the precise temperature in which I can enjoy this crumble.

101 cannabis co unpacked

Purple Wookies was better than Sundae Driver

The texture of the Sundae Driver is also soft and smooth, yet not as dry as the Citrus Skunk crumble, which makes it easier to handle. Although it was tasty and smooth, I found its potency strangely lacking compared to the Citrus Skunk. I greatly preferred the Purple Wookies budder from earlier this year. I remember it has been one of the tastier live resin budders I’ve had in recent memory. It was sweet, fruity, and tasted like grapes, berries, and sangria. It was definitely more potent than the Sundae Driver budder.

101 Cannabis Co. vs other recent brands

Compared to other recent brands, the Citrus Skunk crumble was on the same level as the PFFN WiFi Cookies sugar and Terp Hogz Zmoothie live resin in terms of taste and potency. But the same cannot be said about the Sundae Driver budder. I would rather recommend the Purple Wookies budder over the Sundae Driver. It sadly lacks in potency and strength, especially compared to other recent brands like Terp Hogz and PFFN Concentrates. The effects were not as strong as it was intended, even though I did feel a bit relaxed and uplifted, but it wasn’t quite strong enough to treat my nerve pain. It is possible that it may have lost some of its potency because the Sundae Driver was close to being a year old and the Citrus Skunk was not far behind as well.

pffn out of box

101 Cannabis Co. has very reasonable prices

I highly enjoyed the Citrus Skunk over the Sundae Driver badder. So, I would recommend the quality of the crumble, which is award-winning, tasty, smooth, and potent. Sadly, I can’t recommend the Sundae Driver if you have a high tolerance or if you’re living with a greater level of pain. Instead, I would recommend their Purple Wookies badder. Most of 101 Cannabis Co. products are available in Southern California at very reasonable prices. The THC % of Sundae Driver is 81.31% and the total cannabinoids are 93.29% The THC % of Citrus Skunk is 79.77% and the total cannabinoids are 91.52%.

101 Cannabis Co.’s award-winning crumble is highly recommended

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Citrus Skunk crumble and the Purple Wookie budder over their Sundae Driver, which sadly lacked potency. On one hand, my complaints with the Sundae Driver might have to do with both concentrates being close to a year old. On the other hand, I want to check out their current selection based on how good the Citrus Skunk was. 

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