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For our session of the day, we will be taking a look at Designer Dabs from Urb Finest Flowers. Urb Finest Flowers is the main flagship brand for Lifted Made, which is based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Lifted Made currently offers flower eighths, edibles, cartridges, disposables, concentrates, and other wellness products, which are available through their official website. Lifted Made (LFTD Partners Inc.) also distributes various hemp-derived, kratom, kava, and other legal psychedelic products. For this review, I will dab Designer Dabs Lush Diamonds from Urb Finest Flowers.


  • Great consistency
  • Mild potency/effects
  • Higher levels of CBD


  • Slightly harsh flavor

Recommendations: The flavor of these Delta-8 diamonds can taste slightly harsh, especially at higher temperatures.

urb diamonds jar

Lush Diamonds is a part of their new Designer Dabs, manufactured by Lifted Made 

Designer Dabs are the latest Delta-8 THC products from Urb Finest Flowers. Designer Dabs are made using oleoresin, strain-specific terpenes, and flavonoids to create their own proprietary blend of Delta-8, CBD-A, CBG, and CBC. Oleoresin is a natural flavoring extract that involves using a non-potable volatile solvent, which is then removed afterward. Further information and other resources about oleoresin can be found here.

The pebble-like size and saucy consistency of these Delta-8 diamonds make it easy to work with any glass rig or E-rig

The Lush Diamonds Delta-8 diamonds from Designer Dabs come in a regular square jar in an oversized box with their company logo, strain name, and ingredients on top of the jar. The size and consistency of these pebble-like diamonds make it easy to work with any glass rig or E-rig device. These glistening Delta-8 diamonds are also covered in a thick light amber layer of terp sauce.

urb diamonds close up

While these Delta-8 diamonds have some mildly energizing effects, the flavor isn’t as tasty as Smilyn Hemp

I was impressed with the chunky look of these small to medium-sized Delta-8 diamonds. But I wasn’t too particularly fond of its synthetic plastic-like aroma and harsh flavor. The slightly indistinctive aroma of these Delta-8 diamonds has hints of citrus, earth, pine, spice, and glue. Similar to its aroma, the slightly harsher taste of these diamonds is spicy, sour, and earthy with hints of citrus, pine, and glue. Overall, the flavor of these Delta-8 diamonds isn’t quite as smooth as other regular live resin diamonds.

The mostly cerebral effects of Lush Diamonds felt uplifting, focused, and creative

While the flavor of these diamonds felt slightly harsh, the mildly energizing effects felt uplifting, focused, and creative. Although the potency didn’t feel too strong, the Sativa-like effects still provided some mild daytime relief. The mostly cerebral effects of these Delta-8 diamonds would also help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and minor aches & pains. The Delta-8 THC % is 41.83%, the CBD % is 35.34%, and the total cannabinoid % is 92.39%.

urb diamonds box back

The Delta-8 diamonds from Urb Finest Flowers felt slightly harsher and more off-putting than the Delta-8 diamonds Smilyn Hemp

The retail price for Urb Designer Dabs Delta-8 diamonds is usually listed at around $45, minus shipping rates. This month, I also tried the Delta-8 diamonds from Smilyn Hemp, which offers 2 grams of diamonds at a lower price of $39. The flavor and aroma of Delta-8 diamonds for Smilyn Hemp felt less harsh and off-putting than the Delta-8 diamonds from Urb Finest Flowers. On the other hand, the potency and effects of these Lush Diamonds felt similar to the Maui Wowie Delta-8 diamonds from Smilyn Hemp.

Urb Lush Diamonds Lab Results

Overall, this is a very mild recommendation for Designer Dabs from Urb Finest Flower

Ultimately, I would only recommend Designer Dabs Delta-8 diamonds for their great consistency, mildly potent daytime effects, and higher levels of CBD. Due to the poor flavor of these Delta-8 diamonds, I would highly recommend the lowest possible temperature when using a glass rig or E-rig. These Delta-8 diamonds from Urb Finest Flowers felt mildly potent. I would still recommend the tastier, stronger, and smoother Delta-8 diamonds from Smilyn Hemp. You can order these Designer Dabs Delta-8 diamonds and other wellness products from Lifted Made.

Have you tried the Designer Dabs Delta-8 diamonds? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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