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Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector

Boundless CF 710
CF 710 in Black
Design & Quality
Ease of Use
Versatility / Atomizer Options
Replacement Costs

Boundless CF 710: Fun & Easy Nectar Collector

Boundless Technology releases their first wax pen with the Boundless CF 710. It follows the “electric” Nectar Collector form factor. How will this $130 vape pen compare against other premium models?

Note: The review unit was purchased independently to provide an unbiased honest review.

Design & Quality was good on the CF710

The Boundless CF 710 stands at a chunky 20mm diameter. It resembles more a large highlighter marker than a pen. It feels solid. Most of its weight coming from the battery on the top. The CF 710 uses an atomizer system. You can chose between a Quartz hollow rod or a Ceramic hollow rod. The atomizer screws into the main body that contains the battery and the vapor path. The battery compartment can be screwed off, but the battery itself is not replaceable. It is sealed within the compartment mouthpiece.

The CF 710 works by heating up a NiChrome coil wrapped around a tube. You then press the hot coil directly on the wax to vaporize. The vapor travels through four air vents under the coil and tube and inside the atomizer. From the atomizer it travels up through the outside of the battery chamber,  aided by four air holes on the sides for ventilation. Then inside two holes above the battery and out the mouthpiece.


  • 1 Boundless CF 710
    • 900mah battery (Internal)
    • 1 Power Setting
  • 1 Single Coil Ceramic Rod Dabbing Tip
    • NiChrome Coil (Confirmed by Co. / No Documentation)
  • 1 Single Coil Quartz Rod Dabbing Tip
    • NiChrome Coil (Confirmed by Co. / No Documentation)
  • Dab Tool
  • Glass Container
  • Micro USB Cable

It has only one heat setting, but also has a “Burn Off” you can activate by pressing the power button three times and it will turn on for 15 seconds straight. This is great if you’re trying to vacuum up 15 seconds worth of huge dabs. In reality it will mostly be used to clean off the coil.

The Quartz gets hotter faster than the Ceramic atomizer. Other than that, there’s not much discernible difference.

The light in the back changes color depending on the charge left on the battery when you activate it. Green for full, Blue for half-full, and Red for almost empty.

The airflow of the Boundless CF 710 is incredible. It delivers sneaky huge hits. Emphasis on the sneaky. Since the CF 710 is the digital version of a Honey Straw or Nectar Collector. You have to press the hot coil into the wax like a straw. The problem is the CF 710 blocks your view of the concentrate with its wide body. and the vapor path running through the black body. This means you don’t really know how much you inhaled until you blow it all out.

You may be wondering if wax gets all over the inside. We did too. It surprisingly doesn’t. If you unscrew the atomizer most of the wax that blows in during inhales pools there. This makes it easy to clean. The inside of the battery chamber does feel a bit sticky after a few grams of use, but cleaning is a breeze.

Ease of Use

The CF 710 deceives you into being an incredibly simple product to use. Unscrew the cap, hover your coil over a wax container. Put your lips over the mouthpiece. Press the power button and inhale. You get big rips within seconds. Simple enough, right?

The deception starts seeping the longer you use it, mostly inherent problems on this type of Nectar Collector vape. The Boundless CF 710 makes it very hard to see if your coil is touching the wax. Its also hard to see how much you are consuming or if you’re even touching the wax. Unlike glass Nectar Collectors, you can’t see the vapor running through the air path. The wax also has to be transferred to the included glass container. This is because the hot coil will touch whatever the wax is resting on. If your shatter comes on parchment paper or a plastic container, make sure you have an incredibly steady hand, or you’ll be melting plastic and adding some fumes to your dabs.

The Boundless CF 710 succeeds when it vacuums up wax indiscriminately. Which means to properly dose or save your wax you have to transfer the amount you want to dab into the glass container. Unless you want to slowly place a hot coil over all your wax and slowly start melting and heating it up. This really just kills the simplicity with long-term usage.

One thing to also point out is that you basically have a very hot exposed coil afterwards, so make sure to keep it away from yourself or anything else, because it will burn you.

The CF710 might be the strongest electronic nectar collector

The Boundless CF 710 delivers in strength, in a big way. The NiChrome coil heats up in seconds, and the air path allows you to deliver big clouds with very little work. How the big a hit is only held back by the size of your lungs. Take a look at the guy below taking a big hit.


The CF 710 excels in vacuuming all the wax in a surface, but not all of it vaporizes. After use the cap is put back on. Then the next time you grab your CF 710 you might see a blob of wax that dripped out from the air vents under the coil.  If you unscrew the atomizer you’ll see more wax pooled at the very bottom.

Because you’re inhaling non-stop under the coil this means plenty of now liquid wax gets swept up in the air before the coil has a chance to vaporize it. This is no different than a regular coiled vape pen.  Except it gets inhaled down rather than melted down during use.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

Boundless offers currently 2 atomizer options for the CF 710.: A NiChrome coil wrapped around either a Quartz tube or a Ceramic tube. Both offer basically the same experience since the coil is what touches the wax, rather than the tube. A quality grade titanium would have delivered better flavor here.

CF 710 Atomizer
Close up of the CF 710 atomizer fired up


The CF 710 is easy to take with you by itself.  Since you have to vacuum up the wax from a surface this means you have to have a glass container with you. Which you then have to take out to take a dab. This kills the overall portability for on the go use.

The thick size also makes it feel more like carrying a large pipe.


The large size, the way it’s used, and the fact using it with a container makes using the CF 710 a two-hand operation. This means discretion is out the window compared to a traditional vape pen. The exposed coil vacuuming wax openly means if your boss catches you inhaling this around the corner there is no disguising what you’re doing.

boundless cf 710
Large size compared to her hand.


One heat setting with a NiChrome coil means you either have hot or hotter dab. This delivers big cloud-heavy dabs, but kills flavor. If you’re looking to enjoy the terpenes from your wax you will be disappointed. This is clearly designed for big clouds. The NiChrome coil used by Boundless is surprisingly smooth and doesn’t give you a headache or that “vape pen taste” from other cheaper wire products.


Boundless priced the CF 710 at $129.99, placing it at the highest end of vaporizer pens. It includes a glass container, a nice dab tool with a black plastic handle, a charging cable, and a Quartz and Ceramic atomizer. The built-in 900mah battery is also covered under a very generous 3-Year Warranty. That’s compared to the usual 1-Year for most vape pens.

With a generous warranty and a very unique product, the value in the CF 710 delivers. Still at almost 30% higher than premium vape pens some might think twice before purchasing.

Replacement Cost

Replacements for the 2 included atomizers in the Boundless CF 710 are only $9.99 each, which last you for at least a month or two, maybe more with solid cleaning.


The CF 710 offers a unique way to hit a vape pen. The hits are strong. The build quality is good. The downside is on the go it is not discreet and if you aren’t careful, you might be hitting plastic or paper in addition to your wax. The CF 710 can be found here. You can also see how it stacks up against the rest in our Electronic Nectar Collector Roundup.

Boundless CF 710
Boundless CF 710 comes in two colors.


    • Definitely. The Dipper’s coil placement makes it much harder to use as a nectar collector. The plus side of it being harder to use is it does not burn paper/plastic that the wax is on.


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