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Eighty Six Delta 8 Cart Review – Smooth Hits, Great Tasting Strains


Eighty Six Delta 8 cartridges provide some great tasting cartridges, with some fair potency. Here in this review, we try two different strains, Strawberry Cough, and Purple Punch. Both delivering a good and unique taste, they overall give a great experience.


  • Great flavor strains
  • CCELL hardware
  • Smooth hits
  • Fair effects


  • Not the strongest Delta 8 cartridge

Recommendations: Increase the level of Delta 8 THC, otherwise nothing much.

Eighty Six cartridges deliver smooth hits and great tasting strains

These unique cartridges give a great taste to them and use efficient hardware.

Testing both strains, Eighty Six delta 8 cartridges deliver a very fascinating taste. These have flavorful hits, and very smooth as well for Delta 8 THC. Not the strongest D8 cartridge, which may be why these cartridges hit so smooth. Although these aren’t the most potent cartridges, they give a nice slight and mellow high. Very relaxing effects, these cartridges really give an amazing experience, mainly because of the taste they deliver.

Eighty Six provides a fair choice of cartridges when it comes to strains. Blue Dream, Do-Si-Dos, Fruity Pebbles, Purple Punch, and Strawberry Cough. Trying out the last two, they both give an amazing and clean flavor. With just trying those two strains, I would assume the rest of them would be just as great.

Oil quality- Fair potency, but can be stronger

Thick and clear oil quality, Eighty Six cartridges deliver decent effects and fair strength.

After taking a few hits of either strain, I got some nice and relaxing effects. As mentioned earlier, not the strongest high but still slight and soothing. With that being said, these cartridges give a slightly lighter high and a more tasteful experience. 

As shown below, These cartridges only contain around 50-55% Delta 8 THC. In comparison to other D8 cartridges that contain up to 90% D8 THC, these carts may not be the strongest in the market. But a lot of cartridges that contain higher levels of D8 THC do end up being harsher. 

Authentic lab results

Lab results were done by SD Farm Labs.

Eighty Six carries a variety of lab results for each of their cartridges/strains. From pesticide tests to residual solvents. You can find the lab results for all of their cartridges on their main website, here.

Eighty Six cartridge- Strawberry Cough gives smooth and tasteful hits

Tasting exactly as the strain says, Strawberry Cough delivers a smooth and sensational flavor. Nice and light, and tasting just like strawberry, these cartridges aren’t harsh at all. The oil quality is clearer than the other strain. As for the strength, it does feel about the same as the other strain. But either way, this strain gives such a great taste, highly recommendable for anyone who enjoys Delta 8.

Eighty Six Delta 8- Purple Punch delivers light and flavorful hits as well

Delivering just as tasteful of hits, Purple Punch gives an enjoyable, grape-like favor. Also smooth and light, this brand of cartridges did a great job in infusing their terpenes, flavoring, and D8 distillate. The oil quality is a bit darker than Strawberry Cough, but not by much. As for strength, again they are both equal. Although I enjoy the taste these carts give a lot, I like the Strawberry Cough just a little more. It all depends on preference, but both strains are great.

CCELL hardware delivers good and efficient hits

Eighty Six Delta 8 carts use authentic CCELL hardware, full gram with glass tips. Compatible with most 510 threaded batteries, these cartridges are very efficient and effective. If you’ve followed DabConnection, we’re fanatics of CCELL because of their performance. For the most part, the hardware in these cartridges always delivers good hits. You can make this cartridge last a good while.

Best Delta 8 THC cartridge list

Having tried a variety of D8 THC carts, we have created a Best Delta 8 list. Although Eighty Six cartridges will definitely be going on the list, there are plenty more cartridges you can pick from. Especially at this price range, you can find more potent carts or other brands that deliver just as tasteful hits. You can even find more inexpensive ones, but these cartridges are at a fair value for their price.

For its value, worth the experience

The price for Eighty Six carts is currently $34.99, which is a fair deal for a full gram of Delta 8 THC. The only thing with this cartridge is that it isn’t the most potent. You can find other brands with higher D8 strength for the same price range. But with the taste of these cartridges, they do deliver a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Delta 8. Especially if you prefer a lighter, and more tasteful experience, this brand would be great for you.

Concluding the Eighty Six delta 8 cartridge review

To sum up, Eighty Six cartridge gives a great, mellow experience. Amazing tasting strains, the flavor these carts provide is my favorite quality. As for its effects and strength, they may be a little more mild than other, more potent D8 cartridges. But they still deliver some nice and light effects. For someone who enjoys a good-tasting cartridge, I highly recommend you try either strain for a tasteful experience. You can learn more about these cartridges and purchase them on their website, Eighty Six Brand.

What do you think about Eighty Six Delta 8 Cartridges? Have you tried Delta 8 THC? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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