Purple Punch is a less common weed strain which is nevertheless popular for its relaxing effect and sweet taste. You can find it and many derivatives in cannabis vape and edible products.

The Purple Punch is a punchy strain

It is well-known for a sedating and euphoric effect with a heavy couch lock factor, being an Indica-leaning hybrid. Purple Punch is distinct in having a grape candy aroma and tangy, sweet taste. This is due to a balance of terpenes between limolene and pinene, with a hint of caryophyllene. The name resonates not just with the flavor, but the effects, which relax the body as well as the mind.

Purple Punch hails from Hawaii

Super Nova Gardens, of Kauai, Hawaii, is credited with creating the strain from a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Little else is known about its origins. Purple Punch is recommended for relieving stress-associated symptoms, but not physical symptoms since it’s low in CBD.



Second Place Medical Flower at First New England Cannabis Cup (2017), Best Indica Indoor Flower, California, Jack here Cup. Purple Punch is also a favored vape cart flavor.


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