Vivimu Concentrates | Quality Extractions, Mixed Prices

Today we're revisiting Vivimu, certainly one of the top if not de facto only sources for bulk cannabis altnoid concentrates.…

23 hours ago

Outer Space Distribution THCA Diamonds and Flower | Galactic Potency

Well, here at the mythic halls of our Bud-Topia, we at Dab Connection get all kinds for product reviews. The…

7 days ago

Rave Exotics THCA Extracts | Top Quality Perfection!

Out of the clear blue, with nary a rumble of warning thunder, I was bestowed a box of mystery and…

2 months ago

Delta Munchies THCA Diamond Sauce Review – Cannabis Bliss

Delta Munchies THCA Diamond Sauce collection is a testament to their mission of providing cannabis enthusiasts

3 months ago

Hello Mood Delta 8 Moroccan Hash and Live Resin Wax | Better Taste, Weakened Potency

If you loved Hello Mood Afghan Hash, you'll be disappointed at the low potency of their Moroccan Hash and Live…

5 months ago

The Best Extracts of the Year For 7/10

Here we are with 7/10 just days away, so it's time for another Dab Connection best-of round-up. Think of these…

5 months ago

Aether Gardens Live Resin Budder Review – Top Notch

Aether Gardens Rose x Banana x Forbidos Live Resin Budder is tasty, strong, and a high-quality product in general. Highly…

5 months ago

Locals Only Live Wet Diamonds Review – Pretty Average

Locals Only live wet diamonds are pretty average across all boards. Their main selling point is the affordable price.

5 months ago

22RED Live Resin Badder Review – Strong and Tasty

I highly recommend the 22red live resin badder. For the price point and how long it last. Two thumbs up.

5 months ago

Nitro Dabs Sugar Review – Great High and Consistency

Nitro Dabs Sugar is a very quality product. Provides a great high, is quite tasty and does not cost an…

6 months ago