Minntz Live Badder Review – Tasty And Potent

The Minntz Ice Cream Cake live badder has a solid quality, great taste as well as its relatively strong potency…

10 hours ago

Lemonnade Diamonds Review – Good Quality For Diamonds

The Lemonnade diamonds are easily the best product from their line-up so far. They are currently available in California and…

5 days ago

Cannatique Review – Brand Responsible For Several Popular Strains

Cannatique Farms concentrates are easily one of the best concentrates you can find for a reasonable price.

1 week ago

West Coast Cure Fresh Press Review – Expensive, But Worth The Price

West Coast Cure fresh press live rosin is priced slightly higher than their hash rosin but its well worth the…

2 weeks ago

The Live Resin Project Review – Good But Lacking Some Taste

Live Resin Project has a mild recommendation from our side for its relative potency and value. It lacks some taste.

3 weeks ago

West Coast Cure Hash Rosin Review – An Underrated Selection Of Rosin

Here we review West Coast Cure and their underrated selection of concentrates, which seems to be overlooked when discussing any…

3 weeks ago

Apothecary Extracts Shatter Review – Great Smooth, Light Taste

Apothecary extracts shatter delivers smooth and flavorful hits. Decent strength, and fair effects, the oil quality is very consistent and…

3 weeks ago

Nug Live Resin Review – Quality Flower And Concentrates

Nug offers one of the best recent live resin concentrates. Its has great potency, taste, smoothness, and value.

3 weeks ago

Feeling Frosty Cold Cure Hash Rosin Review – One Of The Best Brands We Tried

Feeling Frosty is one of the best cannabis concentrates that we have reviewed here so far because it delivers on…

4 weeks ago

Lemonnade Tangeray Review – Sister Brand To Cookies Enterprises

Lemonnade Tangeray is a live badder for users of low tolerance and the occasional cannabis smoker. Its a great starting…

4 weeks ago

Cali Stripe Diamonds Review – A Must-buy For Any Experienced Cannabis Consumer

Cali Stripe Diamonds is a Must-buy for any experienced cannabis consumer. It offers great quality, taste, potency, and entourage effects.

4 weeks ago

Tumbleweed Extracts Review – Products Exclusively Found In Nevada

Tumbleweed Extracts is a great and affordable house-brand of The Dispensary In Las Vegas, but you can only find it…

4 weeks ago

Wonderbrett Live Badder – Exceptional Quality, One Of The Best

Wonderbrett live resin concentrates is a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur and it's one of the best live resin concentrates…

1 month ago

Synergy Cannabis Live Resin – Great Quality, Excellent Taste

A review of the Synergy Banana Mochi which is one of the best live resin concentrates available on the market.

1 month ago

101 Cannabis Co. Review – Solid and Cheap Concentrates

101 Cannabis Co. offers nice concentrates that come at very reasonable prices. We would recommend the Citrus Skunk crumble and…

1 month ago

PFFN Concentrates Review – A Great New Emerging Brand

PFFN Concentrates offers two new great strains, OG Chem Badder and WiFi Cookies Sugar, both of which were very affordable…

2 months ago

Terp Hogz Live Resin – Great Line of Strains

Terp Hogz offers two strains that have quality, taste, strength, and smoothness. Larry Zlushi is a bit too expensive but…

2 months ago

Binske Live Resin – Potent and Great Tasting Diamonds

Binske live resin diamonds revealed to be very potent concentrate. Smooth, yet strong hits, Binske delivers great quality live resin.

5 months ago