CannaClear THC Carts : Unclear Origins

The amazing, logic-defying saga of CannaClear THC carts, whose lies keep getting bigger while their legitimacy keeps getting smaller.

1 day ago

Save My Oil Review – It Actually Works

Save My Oil kit actually works¬†and can help you save the oil from broken carts. It provides a convenient way…

1 week ago

Deep Roots Harvest Cart Review – Strong Distillate, But Expensive

Deep Roots Harvest Cartridges are expensive and you should get them if you have no other option in your area.

1 week ago

Dimension 8 Review – Most Tasteful Delta 8 Cartridge Yet To Try

Dimension 8 delta 8 cartridges reveal to deliver great taste and they provide amazing strains. The potency is fair, and…

2 weeks ago

Top Fake THC Cartridge Brands : Market Update 2020

Exploring the latest in boof cart packaging across multiple sites. Spot the fake carts before they get to you!

3 weeks ago

Custi Carts Delta 8 Cartridge Review – Fair Effects, Good Taste, Hardware Delivers Light Hits

Custi carts revealed to deliver fair effects and good taste. The strength is decent, but the hardware does give somewhat…

3 weeks ago

MPX Distillate Cart Review – Good, but MPX Live Resin is Better

MPX Distillate carriages are good, especially if you can get them on a deal, but they are not good as…

1 month ago

Legion of Bloom Carts – Affordable and Potent THC Cartridges

Legion of Bloom are affordable and potent cartridges that use CCELL hardware

1 month ago

Tree Base Klear – Fakes Exist

We examine the counterfeit knock-offs of Tree Base Klear, a distinctive brand which boof plugs should know better than to…

2 months ago

702 Brand Cart Review – Basic Packaging But Surprisingly Awesome

702 Brand are cartridges that come within a basic packaging but are surprisingly awesome.

2 months ago

Indo Cart – Real Cannabis Terpenes, Good Strength

Indo Cartridges use real terpenes which provide a great quality

2 months ago

ABX Live Review – Solid Live Resin Carts At Very Affordable Prices

ABX Live Resin offers solid carts that come at affordable prices.

2 months ago

Church Cartridges Review – Better Than Brass Knuckles, Not Quite Fuze

Here we review the Church cartridge, a huge improvement over Brass Knuckles.

2 months ago

Where Do Your Black Market Vape Cartridges Really Come From?

All these black market THC vapes are coming from China, but what does that mean in context? Join us on…

3 months ago

Fake Moxie Carts Are Showing Up

Moxie is a mature and respected cannabis extract company, so you should be very suspicious when your street plug offers…

3 months ago

Heavy Hitters Live Resin Carts Review – Great New Line Of Carts

Review of Heavy Hitters Live Resin cartridges.

3 months ago

URB Finest Flowers Delta 8 Cartridge Review – Nice Effects, Cartridge Needs Improvements

Here we review Urb 8 Delta 8 THC cartridges. Although these carts deliver nice effects, the taste isn't as good.…

3 months ago

Best Cartridges For Illinois 2020: Top THC Oil Vape Carts

Here, we go over our top picks for Illinois best cartridges. As we review more products, this list will be…

3 months ago